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Antonio Zugaldia
Android Engineer at Mapbox. Co-organizer of DC Android and GDG DC (Google Developer Group).
Android Engineer at Mapbox. Co-organizer of DC Android and GDG DC (Google Developer Group).


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If you haven't subscribed to #AndroidDialogs yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Feel free to skip this episode though ;-)
This week on #AndroidDialogs, while at DevFest DC, I have an awesome chat with the amazing +Antonio Zugaldia, Android engineer at Mapbox and co-organizer of the DC Android meetup.

Antonio talks about some of the awesome things that Mapbox lets you do with location data as well as how to handle common pain points with location awareness.

Also if you're in the DC Metro area and would love to speak at a meetup, DC Android would love to hear from you! So please give Antonio a buzz.

Thanks so much again, Antonio. Had loads of fun and always happy to talk to a DC dev.

#android #gde #video

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Great job +Tyson Kemp !
Knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts!

I am reaching out to my network to make something awesome happen. I would like to raise $400 to use towards a gift of educational inspiration over the holiday break for the kids of the Tech Club I run.

Radioshack has these Maker/STEM kits found here:

I have been working a deal with Radioshack to get the quantity needed and an awesome discount just for this cause. They are even throwing in some batteries!

I will use the money raised to purchase these kits for the kids and give them out at the next meeting, this Thursday.

If you would like to contribute please use one of these two methods:

Google Wallet:


Any amount is helpful and would be a great way to contribute to the continuation of these awesome kids education into technology and the surrounding sciences.

Also if you think someone else might be interested reshare this post please.

Also, also ... I was thinking about getting them some +Google Cardboard's so maybe we can find a way to make that happen too?

Some background about the Tech Club, at the beginning of the school year I asked my daughter's school if they had a tech club, they didn't so my obvious follow up question was, can I start one. We have 32 kids from 2nd to 5th grade and have done 7 meetings so far.

We have talked about programming/code using, robotics, hardware/software, quadcopters, VR, wearables, and much more. Some students have even brought in their own tech, such as, a programmable truck toy, Makey Makey, and Raspberry Pi, to demo to their peers.

In the picture below I was talking to them about hardware and how it somewhat mimics the human body, then opened a HDD right in front of them, and showed them how to solder wire leads to the R/W arms motor to make it into a tiny speaker. That really got them going with questions and discussion, it was one of my favorite meetings.

Last week we held a day of, Hour Of Code for the whole school, and the Tech Club kids, they were the helpers, they got right out there amongst their peers and started teaching them about coding, it was beyond words how AMAZING it was.

It's been so amazing already and the years only half over, and something I'm very excited about is, so far we have been meeting twice a month, but I have convinced the school to adjust that to meeting once a week.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and again if you can donate, any amount at all, it would make a huge impact on these kids.

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Now you know how I spent my week.

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Today, inspired and reminded by +Jason Howell's recent story, we spent the day at our local RedCross office to get recertified in our CPR training. If you haven't done it yet, I heartfully recommend you to do so, it's only a small investment of time and money compared with the benefits you (and those around you) get from it.
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