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Hard Water Costs You Money
According to The U.S. Geological Survey nearly 90 percent of American homes have hard water - water containing high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water makes it difficult to wash clothes and dishes and leaves scaling on your pipes and showerheads as well as ugly brown rings in your sinks and toilets. It's also costing you money.

The Battelle Institute found that with hard water, showerheads lost 75 percent of their flow rate in less than 18 simulated months and could not maintain the required flow rate because of scaling.

RainSoft water softeners are made to combat the effects of hard water. Contact us for a free in-home water test and see how RainSoft can improve your quality of water.

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Your body uses water in obvious ways like forming saliva and flushing waste, but the water you drink is used in many more ways too. Visit our website to find out more about how a body uses water.
RainSoft Water Treatment delivers clean, delicious water right out of your faucet.

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Florida - Request a free in-home water test at our website.
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RainSoft Water Softener | Pompano Beach, FL
A RainSoft water softener leaves your skin and hair feeling clean and looking great, but it also extends the life of your appliances by reducing scaly build-up from hard water.

Water conservation is another way to save money. MoneyTalksNews lists 17 ways you can reduce your water bill. One way is to upgrade your washing machine to an Energy Star-certified model. An Energy Star machine uses 8 few gallons of water per load versus an non-Energy Star machine. And with a RainSoft water softener your new machine will be lasting longer.
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A RainSoft water softener gets rid of soap and shampoo residue.

In an article from several water softener myths are explained like the following.

Myth No. 3: Softened water leaves a film on your skin because something has been added to your water.

It's true that your skin will feel softer and less dry after a shower in softened water because your natural body moisturizing oils are better able to reach your skin's surface. In addition, those soaps, shampoos and shower gels will suds up faster. After your shower in soft water, you are actually much cleaner than when you shower in hard water.

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RainSoft of Florida | Pompano Beach, FL
How much sodium will be in my RainSoft water?
Very little, thanks to RainSoft's patented regeneration system. In most cases, you'll find less sodium in a glass of RainSoft water than in a slice of white bread. If your doctor recommends a sodium-free diet, RainSoft's reverse osmosis water system can reduce the total sodium content to near zero.

More questions and answers about RainSoft

Read real customer reviews about RainSoft

Visit our website

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Read reviews for RainSoft of Florida or write a review of your own.

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What your nose, eyes and taste buds could be telling you.
If there's a detectable odor to your water, if it contains visible particles, or leaves a metallic or other "off" taste, you have cause for concern. Visit the RainSoft of Florida website to learn more about how RainSoft can improve the quality of water in your home.

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RainSoft of Florida - RainSoft water conditioning and water softening systems soften and polish the water used throughout your home. Soaps and shampoos rinse out more completely, leaving skin and hair cleaner and more residue free. Water conditioners allow you to use less soap, and your water-using appliances will last longer without that scale build-up present in hard water.

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