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Saving the world, one SQL statement at a time.
Saving the world, one SQL statement at a time.


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Two years ago, Niantic partnered with GORUCK, an American gear and challenge event company, to create a new way to experience XM Anomalies. These new and decidedly physical challenges quickly became a way for agents to test their mettle and participate in the game at a more "extreme" level. Unfortunately, Niantic has not announced plans to host GORUCK Stealth Ops and GORUCK Urban Ops in Portland for MAGNUS13 in August.

I have been participating in anomalies since Aegis Nova last year and ever since I saw the kickoff of Stealth Ops that first night, I’ve been enamoured with the idea of taking the game to such a level but didn’t really give much thought to it. Training began very slowly at first- primarily just working on stamina for playing regular anomalies since I had done very little urban trekking before this point. As time passed, I began incorporating other strength exercises and a weight plate into my routine. This is when I realized consciously that I wanted to try the challenge.

At the time I had resolved to attempt the GORUCK part of Ingress there were not yet any anomaly events scheduled for the year. Knowing that they would likely be announced eventually, I looked to other GORUCK events to see if I could get a test run in during the ‘off season’. This led me to the July 4th Light Challenge happening right in my backyard. I got my gear together, worked on my training plan, and prepared as best I knew how for the day of the event.

When the day finally came to show up, I knew roughly what to expect from reading other participants’ reports but that didn’t make me any less nervous. I arrived at the beach (almost an hour early) to find a few of what would become my comrades milling about, checking their packs, and of course grabbing a couple selfies to commemorate the occasion. As we lined up to form our merry band and were quickly shown that this would not be for the faint of heart. Almost immediately we were in and out of the water doing various PT and covering ourselves in sand which we would remain coated in for the remainder of the day.

The next 5 hours went by in a blink as our unit made its way in and around the lake drawing the attention of nearly every single bystander in the area with our periodic stops for exercise and frequent bellows of “OOHRAH!” at the direction of our Cadre. At the end of the day, we arrived back at our starting point thoroughly exhausted, sweaty, sandy, and smiling. For our efforts, a handshake from the Cadre and achievement patch awaited us. I hardly moved at all the next day from fatigue but the feelings of accomplishment and camaraderie will have me coming back for as many of these as I am able.

I believe the key benefit to including these facets in anomaly play is how well they exemplify the spirit of not only Ingress but augmented reality gaming as a whole: namely engaging players in a way that increases activity and wellness.

Recently, the community came together in a similar situation concerning the Mission Day events and, due to the overwhelming response from agents, Niantic reversed their decision and is now supporting all US sites. I know that the two things are not the same and there are a different set of moving parts to make them happen but it's my hope that with a similar response Niantic and GORUCK will see that it's worthwhile to put their full support behind keeping what has become an integral piece of the anomaly experience running.

Anybody know how to get a +Fitbit Aria smart scale to sync into +Garmin Connect? +MyFitnessPal used to sync data from the Aria into Connect, but it looks like it stopped back in January or February.

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For our #MagnusReawakens proposal, why did we choose to honor Trickster archetypes? More information is now surfacing about how the Trickster began to haunt the minds of the ViridCascadia team, including this narrative of the finding of a mysterious journal.

We seek your help deciphering these clues and sharing this unfolding adventure with us.

+Niantic Project +Ingress +H. Richard Loeb +Project Isthmus +Operation Essex


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As you can see from our decision process page (, we found many archetypes worthy of study, but soon Sensitives among us convinced the team to follow subtle clues to the spaces in our region where the most profound Enlightenment can occur.

In these spaces we have found, and intend to share, puzzles that will help all Agents grow in craftiness and creative mastery.

Our #MagnusReawakens project seeks to honor the Trickster archetypes that arise in every human culture. We invite them to assume the form of Raven, via a welcoming Nest that will also host a Tecthulu-based interactive art installation.

All Agents are invited to share photos and stories of your own encounters with the Trickster. Tag them with #ViridCascadia and we will pool our knowledge. Notable findings will be offered to Misty Hannah, to aid in her ongoing research.

+Ingress +H. Richard Loeb +Niantic Project +Project Isthmus +Operation Essex +flint dille +Mustafa Said

Apparently Pokemon Go has spurred a new interest in GPS spoofing. +Ars Technica even quite disappointingly posted an article that linked to a how-to.

Don't GPS spoof augmented reality games. It's cheating. If you don't use weighted dice or marked cards to gamble, you shouldn't spoof your location.

+Niantic has gotten pretty good at identifying GPS spoofers over the last few years. Besides it being WRONG, you'll get caught, and your Pokemons and PokeCoins will all be thrown in the incinerator.

TIL: RedHat bought Ansible back in October. And they want people to use it.

Silly RedHat.

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