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Here's news that might actually get me back on G+ more than occasionally.
Mike Swift originally shared:
Google+ will soon support pseudonyms, moving away from strict real name ID policy, says +Vic Gundotra at #w2s
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It is about time....though I am holding out for something Official before I get too excited. Fingers crossed they stick to this, and it's not total bullshit.
ditto. I would really like to be using google+ more often, but until this policy does change I'm not willing to invest much time in it if my account does get deleted.
I object on principle to the real name thing, but also have concerns about the comments that have been made about, essentially, using G+ as some sort of stepping stone to billing/banking/financial functions via Google. Fuck all of that.
yup - I'm right there with you on all of that stuff. I don't want it.
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