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Geek, Polymath, Husband, Father
Geek, Polymath, Husband, Father

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It's time to vote for the People's Choice awards for this year's Anza Borrego Foundation photo contest!

I'm very proud to say that out of over 650 submissions, I've had three of my photos selected for this year's judging. I'm going to selfishly ask that anyone so inclined check out the photos and toss a vote to any of mine that you enjoy. :D

You can see all the images by clicking on the main link below, and I hope that you do, there are some fantastic photos in all six categories.

Because the image galleries are sorted randomly by default, here are direct links to the three photos that I've had selected for judging:

Thanks all, and wish me luck!

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In today's episode of "Sneaky as Fark": Adding electric motors into the frames or wheels of race bikes.

To put the power into perspective (very important), they're saying the downtube motors run ~250 watts and the more subtle wheel/coil motors ~60watts. Compare that to the average power of an elite rider coming in somewhere around 250-350 watts averaged over a day, and peaking at 450-500w for the really big climbs!

Lance Armstrong, at the peak of his "doped" riding, was bragging about doing 495w for 40 minutes. So obviously, adding in even 60w would be a HUGE advantage. Adding 250w would be like adding a free "Domestique" who tows you up the hill for free!

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Attention foodies and lovers of beer: Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2016 tickets are now on sale!

Do you love the funk? Is your middle name "Brett"? Are you Flemish at heart? Don't miss it.

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Feeling the loss of a significant mentor.

Dr. Liebermann gave me one of the most important internships of my life, just over 20 years ago. Working for Liebermann and TIF Instruments was a true "jack of all trades" experience - I got to write assembly code, design and solder prototype circuits, even build enclosures and test jigs. Writing very tight bare-metal firmware on the old PIC16Cxx processors was literally a career-altering experience.

Most importantly, he taught me how to look for creative solutions to problems.

Thanks Dr. Liebermann. Godspeed.

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An old box from my Grandfather's garage, and a lovely gift from my wife.  Combine to make a satisfying project and a thing of beauty.

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So excited that my neighborhood got it's own Little Free Library. And it's a TARDIS to boot!

This one is particularly well done, there's a small solar panel in the light-cap that charges a battery to power a door-operated light, so it's even useful at night.

Daughter has already "checked out" and blown through a couple of books and I've taken out a copy of Outlander that I've been meaning to read. We've also put a few books in.

I see this getting a lot of use from us!
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