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My Running Gear: Garmin Forerunner 735XT
When it comes to running - you don't have to have any gear.  That is the beauty of the sport!  You don't have to have anything but a desire to do it and the follow through to execute the desire.   The simplicity of running makes it unique.   Some people run...

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2017: A Year for the Marathon
I've toyed with the idea for a long time of doing longer distance races.  I'm not fast by ANY means but I do enjoy long distance running.  I just haven't ' long distanced ' that far by any other way than a motorized vehicle. 26.2 is crazy right?! The longes...

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RACE RECAP: Harold's National Doughnut Day 5k - Columbia, MO
Disclaimer: I understand that after writing a review of
something that it might make some people upset and others happy.  We all claim to desire change but when
challenged with change we tend to fight it with hurricane force.  My goal in reviewing the races...

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Get out of your head!
Loser!   Failure! You can't finish this! You won't be able to lift that! That is too high! That is way too much weight! You look fat! You are fat! She is better than you! He is faster than you! You can't ever look like that! You won't be able to be successf...

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Afraid of the Gym?
When I talk to others that go to the gym - it seems that there is always anxiety attached to it. I'm sure that there is a scientific study to it but I'm going to list the reasons that people are timid or even refuse to go to the gym through conversations th...

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What's on your Gym Playlist?
My playlists vary.  Different places mean different playlists.  I don't usually play the same music during my office hours as I do driving or working out. When I am writing a lesson I like to have music on in the background that requires no focus. When I am...

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7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook
7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook Fit With a Purpose has expanded onto Facebook for a more personal interaction.  The platform makes conversation easier and more accessible.  The website is a tool for many to use and continue to provide r...

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2016 Goals
Here are my goals for 2016!  As you can see, there is no magical number for me to land on or to lose in order to be happy at concerning weight. Each day that I make good decisions will reap benefits health-wise overall. Exercising the body, mind, relationsh...

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5 Ways to Exercise for Free!
If you have made New Year's resolutions then you probably have said that you want to lose more weight.  You're under the same line of thinking as last year and the year before that. How's that going for you?  If we are making the same resolution as the year...

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BEING OUTSIDE - A thing of the past?
When I look back [ I'm only 31 ] at my childhood I can legitimately say that 'growing up' isn't like it used to be.  No I didn't walk up hill both ways to school in the snow.  No I didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows or feed the chi...
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