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Where can I find local printing companies?
local-printing-companiesA lot of people wonder where they can find local printing companies that aren’t part of giant corporations like Staples or FedEx.
That’s why finding a local print shop you can trust to do good work is so important these days. This article is designed to help you find local print shops in your area.
Using local printing companies
The main benefit of local print shops is obviously the proximity to your home or office. You don’t need to drive very far to find a local print shop that can handle your printing and copying projects.
Local print shops also have a variety of different equipment available for their printing. Most small shops won’t be able to handle large print jobs that require lots of customization. Making sure that your local print shop has the capability to handle your print products is tantamount to getting the product you envision.
Use an online printing company as your local print shop!
Instead of messing around with corporate printing companies that don’t provide great service, or won’t deliver a quality product like you need, you should consider an online printing company like Sterling Printing.
With an online printing company, you don’t need to travel anywhere. Simply place your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sterling Printing also offers a Rush Critical shipping option, which allows you to get your print products anywhere in the USA, when you need them, not when a printing company says they’re ready.
Contact Sterling Printing, a Boston area local printing shop
Instead of going with the same, corporate local print shop and not getting the results you need for you

In business since 1987, we have been offering printing, copying, direct-mail, screen printing and promotional giveaways in Boston and communities such as Cambridge, Woburn, Wakefield, Winchester, Melrose, Reading, Medford, Malden, Somerville and of course Stoneham! We are a State certified MBE business (minority business enterprise) and a Union print shop with CWA affiliation and serve all small and big clients. Visit us at for more info.

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4 Tips for an Amazing Business Card

Many people undervalue the prospect of having high quality business cards when they’re trying to advance their professional career. It is very important to have a business card that correctly projects the image that you want your company or personal brand to stand for. Think of your business card as the one tie this potential customer will have with your company. You want them to remember you, not discard you.There are different stylistic avenues that people take when they’re trying to design the perfect business card. Each individual is different, which means each business card should be different too.They’re like the snowflakes of the business world! Well, Sterling Printing offer a large selection of printing options and features to create a one-of-a-kind business card.

Below are 4 tips for creating a premium business card for you or your business.

1. Keep it Simple – Remember that saying from the 5th grade? “KISS”- well that philosophy applies here too. Stick to the bare minimum of information. Doing this is effective for two reasons. It makes your business card easier to read and it makes the information on your card much easier to remember for those you network with. What phone number do you want people to reach you on? Most of the time it isn’t necessary to include your cell, office, direct line and a fax number all on one card. Pick the one or two that are the most important and only include those. Another thing to think about are social media icons. Just placing the icons by themselves is usually enough to tell people where to find you on social. It isn’t necessary to type out your handles for each site.

Just seeing the icon tells people you are on twitter, so they can just enter your name into the search to find you easily, without cluttering up your card. Lastly, try to stick to one, maybe two fonts. Putting any more than that will make the card hard to read and will look too busy.
2. Size of the Business Card – When people think of business cards there is a typical size that comes to mind: 3.5″ x 2”.  Why not make your card stand out among their stack with an unusual size? The European size is growing popularity in the states (3.375” x 1.125″) or try a square card. We can print 2″ x 2″ business card″ or 2.5″ x 2.5″ – both options help you to be a little different than the competition. You can read more about square business cards by reading: Be Different, Try Square Business Cards.
3. Utilize your Space – People make the mistake of putting a lot of additional information all on one side, when in truth, a two sided card is the same price as a one, so why not use it! I always think of the second side of a business card like a book cover. It gives you a little taste of what you will find on the other side. Even if you only include your logo, it’s a nice way to introduce yourself. If you have a lot of contact information that needs to be included on the other side, maybe separate it out by putting your web address &/or physical address with the logo on one side.
And if your logo is large on the one side, you can either exclude it or make is much smaller on the contact information side. This will help free up space and make the card less cluttered.
4. Match your Paper to your Business – There are so many different options out there for business card paper. Each one is unique and can help tell your story; so choose one that best fits your business. If you are an organic snack company, I wouldn’t recommend you order a plastic or glossy card. Go for an uncoated paper, such as The ModCard or linen. These papers will help sell the natural, organic feeling you represent.
I had a customer that sold light screens and he chose a frosted plastic card. The card type was perfect for him because it reinforced the idea of light shining through his screens. A clothing company may want to look at the velvet cards because this soft touch card can remind someone how their fabric may feel.
With so many different options, you can really appeal to the senses of touch and sight at the same time. The above are four great ways to ensure that you have an effective and professional looking business card. The main things to adhere to are using the right size for you and your business and not overdoing the design. A simple business card with minimal information is much more effective than one that offers an abundant of information.
Still have questions about your design? Feel free to contact us at We also have on-staff designers that can assist in getting you the perfect design. 

When it comes to marketing a political campaign, Sterling Printing offers a large selection of printed products to help make any campaign a successful campaign.

EDDM Postcards
Including every door direct mail postcards into a political campaign can be beneficial and cost-effective. It’s cost-effective because there’s no need to purchase a mailing list and no postage permit required – making room to use additional campaign money on additional marketing tools. With EDDM, a candidate can easily market to a specific neighborhood without the use of individuals names or addresses, and chooses it’s audience based on specific USPS mailing routes.

EDDM offers a better response rate than traditional mailings since their’s no need to open an envelope and they stand out easily among other pieces of mail. Getting the most exposure and reaching potential voters is essential in running a successful campaign.  At  Sterling Printing, our talented designers can put together an effective mail piece that is sure to grab voters attention. Design tip: Use large images and include well thought out content, this can help make them hard to ignore.


Brochures and flyers can be the first and last time a candidate can reach potential voters. When designing either of these, use the candidate’s picture at-least once, include a short bio and include previous accomplishments as well as a short, to-the-point description of political stance. A brochure offers a large canvas to include information but try to keep one idea per paragraph and use short sentences and bullets points when needed to help free up white space.

You can also include separate sections that focus on different topics including about the candidate, issues, past experience and voting information. Keep the layout simple and clean. Make sure the colors used match the other campaign materials; stickers, flyers, yard signs, door hangers etc.

Door Hangers

Whether you are running for Governor, Mayor or Sheriff, custom door hangers are the perfect marketing tool for any campaign. Political door hangers can be easily distributed door-to-door by volunteers to help voters learn more about a candidate, their beliefs, and important voting information. When placed on a door knob, they are practically impossible to ignore and residents are likely to read them. Similar to designing a brochure, include colors that not only grab the attention of homeowners, but are similar colors used throughout the campaign. Include images that voters can identify with and make sure the text is easy to read and understand.
We  offer four different sizes and a variety of finishes, including glossy UV and uncoated to make any door hanger a successful marketing tool. For more information, please call Sterling Printing or visit us at

Yard Signs

Our full color, single or double sided custom yard signs, made from rigid coroplast (4mm or 10mm) with available H-stake stand, are sure to grab voters attention. They are sturdy and weatherproof making them a great marketing tool year round generating exposure and support to win an election.

These signs are perfect for supporters to easily place in their yard to publicly demonstrate their support. Use political yard signs to display candidate’s name, district and website. Keep in mind, cities and counties have their own rules regarding signs, including the placement of them.
Need help with a custom design? Our experience graphic designers will be happy to help. 

Business Cards

Candidates often overlook the business card during their campaign. Business cards are ideal for those times when a candidate runs into a voter in places that they may not expect. They are small enough to carry around and hand out easily when needed. That’s what makes them so handy. Plus, individuals feel like they are receiving something personal from the candidate, rather than something that is handed out to everyone (even if that’s not always the case.)
The design needs be simple and easy to read. The business cards should include an email address, office phone number and a photo of the candidate or campaign logo. We offer a wide variety of paper stock and printing options including silk laminated, spot UV, velvet laminated, matte, inline foil, uncoated and more.

Political Postcards

Majority of political campaigns include postcards into their marketing strategy because they work. Postcards are cost-effective and are easy to print and hand out. Offered in a variety of sizes, they offer plenty of landscape to include a campaign logo, tagline, social media profiles and content regarding the campaign message.

Sterling Printing can add our CWA union bug on all these items. 

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Visit us at 
MassHousing 26th annual trade show
Thu 5:00 PM · Lombardo's · Randolph, MA, United States

Sterling Printing is a full service print shop servicing the communities of Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, North Reading, Cambridge, Greater Boston, Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Somerville, Melrose and Woburn. Our mission is to help contribute to our customer's success and provide solutions to their most demanding printing needs. We specialize in business stationery, marketing collateral and trade show materials and simple to complex projects requiring attention to detail, expert advise and quick turnarounds. We provide personal service and strive to exceed your expectations. We provide high quality products delivered quickly and reliably when and where you need them. We are your one stop print shop for all your communication and printing needs. Call , email or visit us to speak with an expert. Visit for a full list of products such as....

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Visti us  at the MASSBUYS EXPO at Gillette Stadium on 4/28! Booth 100- informative sessions, raffle drawings, free gifts to first 100 visitors- for more info visit


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