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To keep seasonal when cooking lately I like substituting chopped roasted carrot when a recipe calls for tomatoes. Costco's giant bag of organic carrots keeps for a surprisingly long time in the fridge...

I was reading Day 10, and noticed that ERE insists on NOT including your retirement accounts OR home equity into your net worth calculations. MMM does the opposite. What do you guys do?

Browsing through ERE's 21 Day Makeover to stay motivated and the Day 5 post about free hobbies caught my attention. I haven't been keeping up much with hobbies, although I've been slowly picking up a little German through Anybody got any good ones?

How's everyone handling the holidays? Even before discovering Mustachianism I loathed holiday shopping. My parents are big into purchased-gift-giving but my family has more or less gotten used to getting uniform bags of home-made goodies from me and DH. Used to be truffles, but as we get ever more tired n lazy, this year it'll probably just be fudge.

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"Seth began listing things that he'd rather do than go shopping on Black Friday; that included fist-fighting a gorilla, sticking his junk in a nutri-bullet, and drinking an entire bottle of window cleaner."

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

Enough with the dips. When do we get some growth for a change? :(

Annual fall drop seems to be in swing this week... Drop in some cash! :)

Market tumble this morning... good day to shovel in some cash. :)

Thanks for inducing a panic attack on the traders, Janet! Happy Buy Friday!

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Extremely fascinating... worth checking out if you're looking for something to watch.
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