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We have the largest inventory of replacement parts for Fadal CNC Machines! Done. Done Right. Overnight!
We have the largest inventory of replacement parts for Fadal CNC Machines! Done. Done Right. Overnight!


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Coolant-Thru Seal Kits… In-Stock, Ready-To-Ship!
CNT-0015: Coolant-thru seal kit, complete Only $495
CNT-0150: Coolant-thru o-ring/seal kit Only $205
CNT-0285: Coolant-thru seal kit, 6535-50T CTS-03/04 Only $393
CNT-0286: Coolant-thru Seal Repair Kit PCT Only $295
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Happy Thanksgiving!
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be closed Wednesday Nov 22nd at 12pm, Thursday November 23rd, and Friday, November 24th.
As we pause to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, it is the perfect time to say “thank you” for allowing us to serve you.
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“Unbreakable” Retention Knobs! retention knobs are turned from hardened steel, heat treated, shoulder and top ground, and blackened. There is not a longer lasting “pull stud” on the market today.
We back them with our Lifetime Guarantee! If you find one is defective, send it back and we will replace it for free (less shipping)
TKC40-21002CT: Coolant Thru. Only $6.95 each
TKC40-21002S: Solid. Only $6.95 each
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Don’t forget about our LED High Power Machine Light
Since the beginning, Fadal manufactured machines using a specified 150W outdoor flood bulb. It didn't last long in the coolant soaked machining environment, was prone to early failure from machine vibrations and heat variations...and still DID NOT GIVE YOU ENOUGH LIGHT!
But now you can see the light with our LED Worklamp upgrade...
WIR-0114: LED High Power Machine Light. Only $159
On-the-shelf, ready-to-ship… TODAY!
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Increase airflow in your machine and keep your valuable electronics cool!

Airflow is extremely important for CNC components, so don't neglect your cooling fans! offers compact, yet powerful fans that deliver the proper airflow to your valuable electronics.

We offer fans that are:
• Direct plug-n-play replacement
• Quiet and efficient
• Deliver proper airflow
• Keep valuable electronics cool
ELE-0123: Cabinet Cooling Fan: $11
ELE-0124: Spindle Motor Fan: $48
ELE-0128: Monitor Fan: $28
1-Year Warranty!
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Tech Tip: Replacing Counterweight Chains & Sprockets
1. Move the head to put in the shipping pins.
NOTE: One of these must go all the way through to avoid cocking the counterweight.
2. Move the head up and block it with a piece of lumber, so the chain is slack enough to move off of the sprockets.
3. Press the “E Stop” button and turn the machine off.
4. Remove the sprockets and chain on one side, then replace it with the new parts.
5. Repeat step 4 on the other side.
6. Turn on the machine, reset the “E Stop” button to return it to the run position, and clear the door.
7. Enter Jog Mode, move the head up, remove the blocking, and remove the shipping pins.
8. Align the markers and cold start the machine.
9. All done!
Find more tech tips here:
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Ballscrews…. We have them all! Here is just a sample of our ballscrews....
BLS-0001S (All Std 28" Z): Now $895
BLS-0008S (Std 20" Z): Now $895
BLS-0019S (6030 Y Axis): Now $1495
BLS-0021S (6030 Z Axis): Now $995
BLS-0024S (All MM 28" Z): Now $995
BLS-0031S (All MM 20" Z): Now $895
See our full inventory of new ballscrew assembly’s in-stock! Full assemblies offer a quick and easy installation, but for those handy with tools, our ballscrew screw only option is perfect. You save money with a little elbow grease.
Choose the option that best fits your time, experience level, and budget:
• Complete Assembly
• Ballscrew Only
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“Minimum Investment – Maximum Impact!
SPIDERCOOL is an intelligent, servo driven, programmable Coolant Nozzle System for vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers that automatically and precisely aims high performance coolant jets at the cutting edge of each tool.
SPIDERCOOL: Prog Coolant Nozzle; Single - $2,790
SPIDERCOOL: Prog Coolant Nozzle; Dual - $4,185
No other single improvement can positively impact the productivity of your CNC milling process like SPIDERCOOL.
No questions asked return policy!!! We will allow you to install a SPIDERCOOL System and if you don't like it, you can send it back for a full refund.
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Our servo motors can’t be beat! offers the ONLY watertight DC servo motors in the industry:
MTR-0002EP: DC Servo motor, watertight, extended performance - $1,095, 3-Year Warranty!
MTR-0010EP: DC Servo motor, watertight, extended performance - $1,250, 2-Year Warranty!
We carry motors for all your CNC needs: Spindle motors, AC and DC motors and more. Our servo motors are specifically made to outlast the rest.
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