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American Whiskey Basics
Bullet Points: The principles found in American whiskeys are corn, rye, wheat and sometimes malted barley. Bourbon does not just mean the whiskey is made in Kentucky but can be anywhere in the United States. In order for a whiskey to qualify as "bourbon", i...

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Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac Basics
Bullet Points: "Brandy" is derived from the Dutch word brandiwijn (brandy-wine),  "burnt wine", because brandy is essentially distilled wine. Brandy can be found made out of a variety of fruits. Brandy itself is distilled from grapes, but there is also appl...

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Rum and Cachaça Basics
Bullet Points: Rum is distilled from sugarcane and sugarcane by-products. A majority of rums are made from molasses. Rhum Agricole and Cachaça are made from pressing sugarcane and distilling the juice. Styles of rum vary greatly between different countries....

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Tequila & Mezcal Basics
Bullet Points: Both distilled from the agave plant. There are hundreds of species of agave plants, for Tequila specifically, the spirit must derive from the Blue Weber Agave species in order for it to be defined as Tequila. Think of Tequila as a smaller, su...

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Gin Basics
Bullet Points: Gin is typically distilled twice through a
column still and then a final time in a pot still with a myriad of botanicals
including juniper, coriander, citrus, anise, cassia, angelica roots and many
others. The recipe distillers use are closel...

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Drink Terminology
“Neat” – The drink is pour and served at room temperature
with no ice and no dilution from water (i.e. not shaken, not stirred, not
chilled), in a short glass. If it is a delicate sort of spirit like Cognac or a
very well aged rum it should be served in a s...

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Vodka Basics
Bullet Points: Vodka is a neutral spirit, distilled to such a
high proof that very few congeners, aromas and flavors remain and bottled at
around 80 proof. Vodka can be made virtually anywhere and from
virtually anything. It is usually clear and colorless a...

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I asked a bunch of bartenders...
What would be the best advice you could give all the aspiring bartenders out there and here's what they had to say... from /u/kenny: "When I first started bartending an old school bartender gave me the best advice... Don't let the animals run the zoo." fr...

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Bartending School vs. Bar Backing
posted by /u/Twice_Knightley Bartending School vs Bar Backing I’d like to start off by saying that I went to Bartending School and
later taught at a Bartending School for 3 years. I’ve seen people on
this (and other) sites say things like “Bartending Scho...

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Styles of Classic Cocktails
Buck (circa 1890's) - Typically a spirit combined with some type of citrus and topped with ginger ale or ginger beer and served long. Moscow Mule, Mamie Taylor Cobbler (circa 1830's) - Traditionally a drink consisting of wine or spirit, sugar and whatever s...
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