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SecureSafe Pro Password Manager
Don't use single password for many online accounts!
Don't use single password for many online accounts!

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Thousands of Uber Accounts have been stolen and selling in a “Dark Web” marketplace. However, Uber denies that its servers were hacked and suggested its users to avoid sharing the same login credentials across multiple online sites. 

Independently from the fact of being hacked (or not) we strongly agree with the advice: YOU SHOULD AVOID SHARING THE SAME LOGIN AND PASSWORD ACROSS MULTIPLE ONLINE SITES, SERVICES AND APPS!

And the only way to use different login and password for every website, service or a program is to use a password manager which will generate strong and unique password for every new login place and will remember all of them instead of you!

Try SecureSafe Pro – a password manager for Windows and use unique passwords for every new login place! Start your free trial today:

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Looking for Easter Eggs? We have some for you! Eggcellent Easter Discount started for all SecureSafe Pro Password Manager license types: buy now and save 50%! Harry up, the discount is valid until April 5, the end of the Holy Week:

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About 5 million Gmail passwords leaked last week. Google claims that all these passwords have been stolen not from Google. In other words, these passwords leaked from users' computers. Did they use password managers? Most probably the answer is "no". Just a few tips: don't use simple passwords, don't save passwords in your browser, turn on 2-step authentication and, finally, use password manager. Just 4 simple rules, but they may save you from being hacked.

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MASSIVE DATA THEFT: 1.2 billion user names and passwords, and 524 million email addresses stolen. 420,000 websites hacked.

In the largest known online security breach to date, at least 420,000 websites were hacked by CyberVor crime ring. A published report says the hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists. 

- Assume your info was stolen
- Change passwords. Make them complicated.
- Use a password manager. Try our SecureSafe Pro:

Did all these people who've been cracked used password managers? In most cases using a password manager (and consequently unique complicated passwords) may prevent YOU from being hacked.

Watch video and read the article on CBS News.

Try SecureSafe Pro:

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There are 3 very common mistakes that can cost you money. 

 - Do you use the same password for at least two different online accounts?
- Do you use short (5-6 characters) passwords?
- Do you use strong passwords but write them down in a text file or on a piece of paper?

If you answered yes at least on one question, you definitely need to read this article.

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“Secure password” may sound pretty hack-proof, but in the real world even those passwords are not safe. The reason for that is a human factor...

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Discover a lesson from a person who has been hacked and lost money just because he used a few same passwords for his entire online life.

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Should You Be Paranoid About Your Password? How Do You Keep Your Password From Being Hacked? Can Your Password Be Cracked In 30 Minutes Or Less?

Find answers in that article:

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Everyone who have at least two online accounts (but do you know anyone who has just two? Real people have dozens!) should know these 6 simple rules to protect your online safety and not to be hacked.

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