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Michelle Baltz
Wife, Stay @ Home Mum, Mutt Lover, RVA Trail hopper, Red Wine Drinker
Wife, Stay @ Home Mum, Mutt Lover, RVA Trail hopper, Red Wine Drinker

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Cross-Training….Do I HAVE to?
I am NOT a gym rat. On a beautiful day, the last place you
should look for me is anywhere with
four walls and a roof. Air conditioning is for sissies, dumb bells are for
meaty ex-football players and treadmills are reserved for the truly insane. I’ll
stick ...

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Stratford Hills 10k
So I'm obviously sort of partial to trail events, usually choosing to save my $ and skip road races altogether....However, even I can't deny when a road race really has it going on. This morning's 36th Annual Stratford Hills 10k in Richmond's South Side rea...

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The Secret Garden
Being a grown-up is hard. Being a parent is both amazing and impossible. All of a sudden, you're handed this tiny person and with a slap on the back ( Good Luck!), you embark on the journey of parenthood. No one calls your references or runs a background ch...

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Get Lost- Pony Pasture Park
Today's trail run was a shining example of why I LOVE trail running. I headed down to Pony Pasture Park, along the James River for a little exploring this morning, and I wasn't disappointed. Usually, when I head to the river, I un the Buttermilk/Northbank t...

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Shake it UP
Pre-dawn start, Holiday Lake 50k Last weekend, I finished my 3rd 50k trail race at Holiday Lake State Park. Admittedly, it wasn't the most fun day I've ever had out on the trails. The night before the race, my usual excited pre-race jitters were strangely M...

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Feels so good, feeling good again
I don't know about you, but I tend to be a completely helpless pain in the ass when I'm sick. Some people can power through, getting their to-do list checked off with little to no bitching and moaning. Not this gal. If I'm sick, you're probably gonna know a...

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Willis River 50k
The 2015 edition of the Willis River Trail race was slightly less eventful than last year, but just as memorable and way more fun. Check out last year's race report here, you'll see what I mean.

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looking forward to this one, nice report!

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Powhatan Wildlife Management Area
Located about twenty minutes west of RVA, the Powhatan Wildlife Management Area is slightly off the trail-running beaten path. More popular with hunters, fisherman and horseback riders, this spot isn't one that attracts a ton of trail runners. The WMA is ea...

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Seashore Nature Trail 50k
I just ran my first 50k.     @ the finish line, Seashore Nature Trail 50k 12/20/14 Three years ago, I had a brand new itty bitty baby who didn't sleep much. I had just been handed the most amazing gift and biggest challenge of my life. I was 50 pounds overw...
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