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AscentialTest 6.0 is a game changer for test automation
AscentialTest 6.0 is a game changer for test automation

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AscentialTest v8.1 provides the ability to port tests to different languages to support localization testing. It also provides support for WPF in a PowerBuilder application.

We are happy to announce the release of AscentialTest 8.0. It’s a big leap forward in our mission to reduce the cost of test maintenance. Now users can change the names of application objects, tests, steps and parameters and let AscentialTest refactor their projects simply by clicking a button. AscentialTest 8.0 also features a new user interface that is built around workspaces that support each of the primary tasks involved in planning, building, managing and executing tests.

AscentialTest 7.10 makes it a snap to integrate tests with test data thru point and click. Our latest release is now available for download.

AscentialTest earned a top 5 position for software testing tools at IT Central Station ranked by average customer rating with a score of 9 out of 10

Web testing just got easier with AscentialTest 7.9, which features a wizard to easily define WebTables and WebLists through drag and drop.

With the release of v7.8, AscentialTest now recognizes images for navigation and verification.

AscentialTest 7.7 is now available, It's packed with UI enhancements that make it even easier to create and manage your manual and automated tests.

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Zeenyx CEO Brian Le Suer will be presenting on PowerBuilder TV on September 16th. Use this link to register:

AscentialTest 7.6 is now available, providing support for Chrome v44 and Firefox v40.
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