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Is the core rulebook finished?

I noticed the profession table for Religious is much more complete than the rest?


One of the options for the cure spell is to 

- Remove 1 insanity from the target.

How is everyone going to balance insanity and full days of travel?  If my party travels 3 days to a destination, I can easily use up a ton of Cure casts to reduce the whole party's insanity pretty trivially.   Do you ensure that you have to have combat every single day so using that cast becomes a more difficult choice?  


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Jan 4, 2015 - Poop factory
Mango has been on his diet for two weeks now.  He already went through a whole pound of it, and we ordered two more.  The only additional food we give him is dried mango and papaya, and sometimes some cooked egg white.  He's been filling his crop to amazing...

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Mango starts a new diet
On December 20th, we started Mango on a new diet.  We are only feeding him a specific elimination diet that we are receiving from an online group that does nutritional rehabilitation for feather pluckers.  We had to remove all of Mango's other food to ensur...

What online references do you guys use for GM tips?  I've found two good ones so far.  

Are there any others you guys like?
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