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Andrea Hardy
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Calgary Alberta | Owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc.
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Calgary Alberta | Owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc.

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Do you have a gut disorder? Do you live in Calgary? Are you interested in a 12 week fitness program looking at how exercise and lifestyle influences your gut microbiome?

You should sign up! 

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My latest post - a review on FODMAP friendly food products on the market! +Fodmapped Foods

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The blog post is up - talking about all my dietitian approved nutrition trends for 2017!
Of course, my absolute FAVOURITE is gut health -as you all know, poop is a hot topic at the Ignite office, and it looks like this year, people are taking notice!
Gut health is becoming SO exciting and the research coming out is just incredible. We don't know EXACTLY what bacteria, food, etc. may help with gut health, but we DO know that a diet full of whole foods, lower in sugar, and higher in fibre helps to keep your gut healthy, while those who consume a lot of excess sugar, packaged foods, and minimal fibre are more at risk for gut issues.
See an RD specialized in gut health to help you with your tummy troubles!

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Hey all! Today my intern and I are on the blog to answer the burning question I know a lot of you have: 'What is IBS?' And of course, what you can do to manage it!

Be sure to check this one out!

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Today we talk about literally the WORST excuse to not eat your veggies! Read about what top Canadian dietitians had to say about this one - and how to get over your lack-of veggie love!

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Master Your Media E-course for Nutrition Professionals launches today!

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Today on the blog - my snazzy new business tool!
Today, on the blog I talk about collaboration, and give you my newest tool for nutrition professionals - a social media calendar workbook. Most information out there is not tailored to dietitians, and frankly, I find it overwhelming and stressful. This tool de-mystifies social media and helps you create a schedule that works for YOUR business. 
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