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Konceptutvecklare/Project manager - SVT Interaktiv,
Konceptutvecklare/Project manager - SVT Interaktiv,

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Nice post on resizing images when doing responsive design. In an soon-to-be-released project at, the overhaul of music blog, we work with both scaling images down for tablet and smartphone sizes, as well as cropping the images to accomodate different tablet widths.

Note also that this is not the same as uploading different image sizes for different devices - you can do that too (although it feels a bit clumsy at the moment) but you will sometimes still have to scale and crop images for different screen sizes within your media query limits.

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"Nevermind" back up at that other site.

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This is what you call believing in a product!

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Andy Rutledge follows up on the debate surrounding his recent news design excercise, using the New York Times website as an example.

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Google Docs adds copy/paste for drawings!
I'm sure that this means absolutely nothing for most people. But for me this is great. Google Docs has become an indispensable wireframing tool, using +Morten Just:s wireframe template.

Why use the crude Docs drawing instead of InDesign or professional UX tools like OmniGraffle?
- Fast, because there is really not that much fine-tuning you can do
- Easy, since everybody can get access to the wireframes
- Ugly, because I'm a firm believer in lo-fi prototyping. With Docs there will never be a misunderstanding with stakeholders who say "well, the design looks great but could we maybe get some color/images/better copy"

With copy/paste this tool becomes much more powerful.

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A crowd sourcing project taking place this saturday at the annual Pride manifestation in my hometown Stockholm. Using Swedish service Bambuser the audience is invited to live stream video from the Pride parade, and the video will be presented in real-time at HiQ:s website.

Will be interesting to see how the carrier services and servers will handle this - and how the "transmission" is done. Will it be a centralized version vith different shots being mixed in a main feed or will it just be up to the users to mix & match as they see fit?

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Much needed feature coming up.

Update: Ok, so this is actually a great extension:
So some friends noted that the Starred option isn't fully rolled out yet in Google+. So, here's a screencap showing the star option (upper right of each post, visible only when mousing over the post) as well as the Starred (#) menu option (bottom left).

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Hah, this 404 by +Steve Lambert is great, have to steal the idea for one of our web sites at But we should probably get this dude to convey the message: (5/5)- True Norwegian Black Metal
Best 404 page ever:

Click on the link--it's a video 404 page.

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I'm reading "The Filter Bubble" by +Eli Pariser right now. A great, though perhaps overly alarmistic, book about mainly two things:
1. The personalization algorithms by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix.
2. How we as users of social media narrow down our contact with others online to only people of the same class, age, cultural interests etc.

Pariser is a sceptic - the Internet promised to connect us with the world, instead we just hang out with those who already agree with us.

Some, like my friend +Lisa Ehlin, are being sceptical of this, since social media enable us to communicate from outside our own real-life "circles" in unprecedented ways. Nothing says that we have to limit us to just one community, and it's up to us the users to learn how to follow people that don't think/act/look like us (I'm sure Lisa is better at this than I am).

Still, that is not the main point Pariser is making.
It won't matter if we manage to follow all kinds of people if the sites' prioritization algorithms keep us from seeing updates the site presumes won't be too our liking.

"The filter bubble" is not something we do to ourselves but the result of algorithms that sometimes do a poor job of distinguishing between "likeing" a photo of a cute cat and really needing to know what goes on in, say, Egypt.
For those who don't feel like reading - here's a nice lecture and Q&A session with Pariser from the London School of Economics.

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This: Facebook yanks Nirvana's 'Nevermind' cover:

Reminds me of this:
US Attorney John Ashcroft refusing to stand in front of the semi-nude "Spirit of justice" statue back in 2002
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