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Electrical Engineer, sociopolitical blogger, activist ...
Electrical Engineer, sociopolitical blogger, activist ...

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New Wait, I See Something blog post: 2013's Political Super Bowl

"I'm sure many people will balk at the idea of politics mixing with sports ... But as famed naturalist John Muir once wrote, 'When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.'"

This year’s Super Bowl will hit on several issues, including: gay rights, pollution, and the role of government and taxes to help provide for things we enjoy - such as Super Bowl stadiums.

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"Where is the outrage over these great hypocrisies? Do you expect it to come from a corrupt and corrupted media? ... Do you expect it to come from a cynical and manipulative political structure? 

Do you expect it to come from the great middle ground of this country, with a population obsessed with entertainment, video games, social media, sports, and trivia? ... Where will the outrage come from? You!"

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"Government is what we do together. Government is the part that lets us come together and build the basic conditions – the infrastructure, the education, the research – the basic pieces together that let us build a future for ourselves and for our kids.

We now live in a world in which profitable companies like GE... perfectly legally pay nothing in taxes, at precisely the same moment that we are saying to young people, ‘you’re going to have to take on more debt to get a college education,’ and we’re saying to seniors, ‘you’re just going to have to learn to live on less.’ 

The way I see it, that is not a question of economics or finance, it’s a question of values." -Elizabeth Warren

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"Washington now works for those who can hire an army of lobbyists and an army of lawyers. If you want subsidies to drill for oil, Washington is working for you. If you run a hedge fund, and want to pay the lowest possible taxes, Washington is working for you.

Thirty of the largest companies in the US are now spending more on lobbying than they pay in federal taxes. … Who really pays for that? The answer is America’s middle class. They’re the ones who are left to pick up all the pieces to pay the taxes to keep the country running. And more to the point, they are the ones who are now paying for the fact that there is not enough money left to invest in our kids’ future." -Elizabeth Warren

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Conservative politicians and religious leaders have tremendous influence in Africa through a secretive group called "The Family."

Televangelist Pat Roberston (blamed 9/11 on gays and feminists) runs CBN Africa, which claims to have turned a gay Nigerian straight.

Pastor Rick Warren & Rep Joe Pitts (R-PA) pushed abstinence-only sex ed in Africa, and AIDS/HIV infections increased.

Ultra-anti-gay Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) travels to Uganda twice a year claiming he "can always get in to see the kings."

David Bahati - The Family's go-to man in Uganda - introduced the "kill the gays" bill, and runs the African Youth Leadership Forum, drawing in kids from at least 7 African countries.

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"Companies must sell less food if the population is to lose weight... Based on 30 years of experience, collaborating with the food industry will not bring about the necessary changes. Limits on marketing, taxes on such products as sugary beverages and labeling regulation are needed." -Kelly Brownell (Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity)

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Please consider donating to my friend Spectra Speaks for her 6 month journey through southern Africa providing social media, communications, and online fundraising training to women-run non-profits and orgs.

My latest post at gives an intro on how Africans have been influenced by American conservative politicians and religious leaders within the secretive religious group "the Family" ...

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While it does some really good things, "Obamacare" is the conservative approach to Health Care - delivering millions of customers to private insurance companies, and leaving millions still without affordable health care options.

It's time for the liberal approach to Health Care: Medicare For All

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David Barton is a right-wing religious extremist and Glenn Beck's resident history-revisionist. His CV includes rewriting Texas textbooks to remove references to Martin Luther King Jr, and saying that America's laws should be based on his interpretation of the bible.

He produced a TV series for Alabama Public Television disguising his extremist propaganda as "educational", and when two employees refused to air it, they were fired by the Republican-controlled Alabama Educational Television Commission.

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"Thomas MacKenzie, a VP at Northrop Grumman, received a $498,334 bonus just before he went to work as a top policy staffer for Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) of the House Armed Services Committee.

Northrop Grumman follows defense budget related legislative maneuvers in Congress very closely, especially since it is currently in the process of promoting an unnecessary and expensive drone program and building F-35 fighter jets that would cost tax payers as much as $1.45 trillion due to cost overruns. It's also the maker of a new fleet of nuclear bombers that may be in jeopardy, since the Pentagon may be forced to make deep cuts under last year's budget deal"
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