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Cochlear Implantation in Patients with Special Situation
Patients with profound #hearingloss are able to acquire the ability to hear by receiving an operation to emplace a #cochlearimplant, and this result in a remarkable improvement in their quality of life. As of this time, many patients have enjoyed the benefits of this procedure. For patients in which the middle and inner ear present a normal form and in which there is no pathological change to the temporal bone, the classical facial recess technique is usually used with extremely few resultant complications. @

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Hearing Loss in Infants
#Congenitaldeafness, together with other sensorial impairments has an important negative impact on child’s development. The severity of the hearing impairment, especially if not habilitated through surgery or hearing aids, shapes the child in many aspects. Regarding hearing aspect, a child can be anywhere between #deaf and mute and bad pronunciation. But this deficit is not alone – it is associated with integration difficulties in kindergarten and at school, limited academic development, frustration and lack of self-esteem. Acquired bilateral hearing loss does. @

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