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Real talk about the fallacy of the bogus climate change debate...

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Stealth Camping
Stealth camping...what is it exactly? Many people look upon the art. and it is an art, of stealth camping as a sort of illicit activity. Is it legal to stealth camp? Essentially no, but then, we have to look at why and where you are stealth camping before w...

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The Maine Bushcrafter Show
Hello folks! Well, it's been a while, but you know how winters are here in Maine. Long and cold. But that's no excuse, really. I've just been busy on other projects. Mostly working on my Bigfoot Tales video and blog project, as well as finishing my latest b...

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4th graders. fireworks out of paper, cans and empty magic markers? How? Common sense needs to be returned to the equation here.

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A Lumbercamp Bigfoot Kill
This story is a fictionalized story from one of C.A. Stevens' young adult series, The Knockabout Club, written in the latter half of the 19th century. This one in particular is from the book title The Adventures of Six Young Men in the Woods of Maine. Rathe...

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Are All Bigfooter's Liars?
Once again we come to a point in the cycle of evidence presented to the public that suggests definitive proof of the existence of what we call Bigfoot today. And of course, most of the evidence is either flawed, misrepresented, or downright fabricated with ...

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Hey folks! I have begun the realignment of my works onto the Blogger platform as it will be easier to share videos from my YouTube channels and for other reasons. First post will be up tomorrow. Happy Squatching!

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Bushcraft Basics; starting out
Bushcrafting can be a lot of fun. It gets you out into the
woods with minimal equipment, and thereby minimizes your connection to the rest
of society. It gives you a feeling that cannot be replicated. But your visit to
the woods can easily turn into a night...

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Bushcraft Cutlery
Cutlery for your bushcrafting adventure is really no different than cutlery for your bug out bag is. You need to make the same decisions, based upon your needs and skill sets that you have learned for both tasks. I have included an older video I made called...

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Foraging in the Bush
One of the prime considerations for human existence is the
procurement of the food necessary for survival, as well as for everyday living.
We all eat, butit surprises me as to how many people out there will go to great
lengths to overload their packs with f...
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