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A Renegade of MANY talents

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I know this is probably just me being stupid, but I've been playing BL2 for years and legendary farming for years as well and suddenly over the past couple of days it's been legendaries EVERYWHERE. I even had the Warrior drop a Leech and Madhous together. It's been weird.. I played for years ave never got a Leech, now they're everywhere

I'm a total noob to this whole Linux thing and I am trying to install a LAMP stack and for the life of me I can't get it to work. I've tried like 4 times. I can start apache, but that's as far as I get. I don't get the mysql set up dialogue, I can't seem to get php working - it's a mess

+Plex, is the Premium Music function not working on Linux. I decided to try a Linux (Mint 18) install and none of the Premium features are showing in the music library

Is it normal for a file transfer (USB HDD to internal) to take hours and hours and finally crash?

I was just trying to transfer a Plex database , 125 G, and after about 8 hours, it made it thru 70% before it crashed....needless to say I'm VERY annoyed

Hot damn!!!! I got it to work!! I even got 4 of the five NAS drives mounted and Plex installed!!! Somehow I managed to get the permissions right, although I'm not sure how

Well after 2 weeks of hair scratching, screaming and overall frustration the result: the HDD on my machine was toast. I'm installing Mint now, and it's FLYING though the install, not taking 12 hours to copy files. I'm starting with Cinnamon since I'm a total noob, but if it's too hefty for my machine I'll scale back to Mate or Xfce.

Looking forward to a new adventure.

So it has been a trial, and I've just about given up. Now I can't get ANYTHING to install. Now the installer runs for like 12 hours and it finally craps out. this last time I tried installing Mint xFce on an external usb drive, thinking that it's the HDD. Well that crapped out too. When I get home I'll try one last time to install Puppy on the external. I wonder if the whole thing has just gone to the great motherboard in the sky

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Tickets go on sale soon, mark your calender March 24th, 8pm EST. On stage and Live Streamed FB, YouTube and Twitch #opera #classical #livemusic #OperaisforEveryone
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Christmas explosion cake. Took four days to give birth to
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Thank you to everyone who offered help with my fledgling Mint install. As a couple of people suggested, I tried installing a couple of different DEs - MATE and XFCE, neither would launch, and doing ANYTHING is a trial in patience. It's click one thing, and wait 20 minutes for it to catch up. So I decided to put Lunbutu on a stick and do a fresh install - that was at 2am and when I left for work at 11, it was STILL copying files. It was the same way with Mint. Why does it take so LONG to copy the files? Hell, when I try and copy from the stick to the desktop that takes like an hour, it's crazy.

I'm wondering if my HDD is starting to fail.

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