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I'll CTRL + ALT + DELETE you!
I'll CTRL + ALT + DELETE you!

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*Work in progress*

I'm personally not a huge fan of Google's implementation of Notifications within Wear 2.0 Complications.

My main complaints being:
> they get grouped together
> their #'s are on a per-App basis (so if you have 3 Hangouts Notifications + 3 Google+ Notifications it'll only display "2")
> they can't be filtered
> they only count what's sent to your watch

While I understand why they'd do it this way, I just find it too limited.

So, here's a look at this use of Notifications...
Essentially this is how it works:
1) you receive a Notification on your phone from any App - it displays the icon from the App that produced it & a # count
2) you receive another Notification on your phone from the same App - it updates the # count
3) you receive a Notification on your phone from any other App - it switches to display the new App's icon & switches to that Notification's # count
4) you receive a Notification from the first App - it switches back to display the updated # count from the first App

Long-story-short, whenever your phone receives a Notification, it'll display the App icon & update the # count from the App that produced the newest Notification.

This is just the initial/main feature, but there are several more to come...
And before you ask, yes grouping them will be an option for those that want it (and will combine # counts on a per-Notification basis instead of per-App like Google's).

I hope to have a build ready for testing in a couple weeks, so stay tuned.

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Ever since +FOX​ started the #LethalWeapon TV series I was wondering when they'd get to Leo & I'm glad they finally did with #ThomasLennon ...

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I thought Nougat devices were supposed to update in the background?!
I know this wouldn't apply to devices that launched with a non-Nougat version, but didn't the 2017 +Nvidia SHIELD TV​ launch with Nougat? I forget...

#nVidiaShieldTV #AndroidTV

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I'd like to know what company benefits from an answer to this type of question?!
#GoogleOpinions #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHuh

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Adding TV's to my connected home controlled by #Echo in conjunction with some +Logitech#HarmonyHubs - replacing #Cortona with #Alexa...
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And of course, to go with my +LG Mobile Global​ Watch Sport is a Watch Style - I can't have one without the other, right? 😜
#GottaHaveEmAll #SmartwatchLife #AndroidWear
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Added +LG Mobile Global​'s Watch Sport to the collection...we'll see how it compares to the Urbane 2nd Edition LTE I've used for ~16mos.
#AndroidWear #NewHotness #SmartwatchLife
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Preliminary thoughts are it's OK but tbh it's really not much of an upgrade coming from an Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.
A few couple things I don't like at all are:
> that it rotates as if it's on the charger when I lean my head on my hand at a desk - it should only do that when it's charging on the dock
> the removal of Google's own Watch Faces - I don't understand why since Elements Analog & Digital were working fine as simple/minimal Watch Faces
> how LG's Watch Faces display a "--" when the Data Provider has nothing to display - it should display nothing, that's how Google's & most other Watch Faces (except those from "usTwo" & "Pujie Black") do it

Do you have the Sport/Style yet?
If yes, what're your thoughts? Do you agree with mine?
If you don't have either, do you plan to? If not, why not?

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Even though it's currently only available on Roku, I definitely appreciate the +XFINITY​ X1 App!

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With 25%+ of the Snaps taken over the last month being unusable I can't recommend the +Snap Chat​​ #Spectacles even though they're fun to wear...

By "unsusable" I mean:
> 10% couldn't be shared within the App or to others from the App
> 10% couldn't be downloaded from the App to my phone
> 5% couldn't even be viewed/loaded within the App

For a device that has only 2 real functions - record & share video/pics, 25% failure-rate is far too high, even for a novelty item (which it is).
10% would be acceptable, even maybe 15%. But 25%? C'mon now, that's pretty bad.

Do you have a pair?
If so, have you had a similar failure-rate?
If you don't have a pair, why not (assuming you use Snapchat)?
Would you still get a pair? Personally, I'll get Gen 2 (assuming there'll be Gen 2's) but doubt I'll use these Gen 1's much more.
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