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 Hello! I did lycics training. As a result,The score was 100 points. The artist is Metric. The title is Sick muse.   It was after a long absence and studied this music, and it was difficult, Some words were difficult to hear.    

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Hello! I watch an animated cartoon called ゴットイーター every week recently. A game begins at the age of a junior high school and I have done it with a friend and am very interesting. I played this game even if I became a high school student. The animated cartoon...

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 Hello! I did lycics training. As a result,The score was 120 points. The artist is Judy Garland . The title is Somewhere over the rainbow.  It is difficult without being able to still get rhythm very much.  

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Hello! R Nadal (Spain) of the world rank tenth place receives sponsor recommendation(推薦)and participates in the Bet at home opening  (German / Hamburg, clay) of the boy tennis tour to be carried out from  27th as a conqueror as the number one seed for 2,008...

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 Hello! I did lycics training. As a result,The score was 100 points. The artist is maroon 5 . The title is sugar.   It is the place that I make a difficulty of this music, and the cousin concentrates a word    well and should hear.  

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Hello! As for me, Kiyoshi Nishikiori recovered himself from the return of the injury how I look forward to watching , a game now. Because I have renounced it in a meeting in front, Kiyoshi Nishikiori is glad when I can leave the result that is good in the n...

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 Hello! I did lycics training. As a result,The score was 300 points. The artist is Happy. The title is Pharrell williams. It matched rhythm of the music, but there is still a place difficult to hear hard to please.    

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Hello! I watched this animated cartoon every week. The animated cartoon was over, but follows by the comics. It is the story of a boy playing volleyball. A title is called ハイキュウ. In addition, I am glad if an animated cartoon revives. I watch an animated car...

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Hello! I did lycics training. As a result,The score was 200 points. The artist is Let it go. The title is Idina menzel.  Though I was gradually getting used because I do it many times, there is the place that it is hard to still hear.    

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Hello! ノバク ジョコビッチ of the number one seed set Roger フェデラー  of the number two seed on the men's singles finals in 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3 and achieved the third championship two years in a row.  It became the ninth four major meetings championship in total in this...
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