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What's a target audience?
What's a target audience?

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Watching Citation Needed

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Now I know why I like Frozen so much!

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To be honest, no big surprises here.

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I've never liked WhatsApp. My opinion of it sank even lower when Facebook bought it. But OMG END-TO-END ENCRYPTION!!!!!!111 (Only if both users are on Android for now)

Apparently the Moto Maxx/Droid Turbo won't be launching in the UK, which is a huge pain as it's the only phone I'm interested in at the moment. +Motorola UK​​ +Motorola Mobility​

Hi Google+! It's been a while.
What? Of course me being here has nothing to do with my phone battery being dead which means I have no access to my two factor codes for Twitter and Facebook!
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