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Savvy Shopping at Kohl's
Savvy Shopping at Kohl’s When it comes to
savvy shopping Kohl’s is one of the stores that are best known for their huge
savings on big brand clothing, accessories and appliances, but there is a good
chance that you don’t know about how many different ways t...

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Sweet Ice Cream Pinata
Arya's second birthday is coming up soon and I'm having a full on blast planning it.  So much fun to choose a theme, an outfit, and all of the other fun stuff that go along with a little girl's birthday party.  This year's theme is...Candy Land!  So bright ...

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Saving Up for the Summer Holiday
Saving Up
for the Summer Holiday Who can
afford to just leave everything and go on a summer holiday these days? Even
though it's a novel idea, the budget for most of us simply doesn't allow
vacations without sufficient planning and saving. You might even be...

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iPhone Mommy
I'm addicted to my iPhone.  It's sad.  What's worse is my justification for it.  It's not like I spend all my time on it just perusing facebook, instagram and whatnot, although that is a big part of it, things with my Beachbody coaching biz are booming and ...

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Find Ways How To Easily Relax at Home
     When you are a mom, everything is on your shoulders. You
need to take of your family, your home, and the pets that everybody loves and
kisses but only you clean after them… You are doing it all, and you still need
to look nice, cook food and meet your ...

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Make Ahead Egg Muffins
I am a H.A.M in the mornings...a Hot Ass Mess.  I can barely get myself out the door, let alone fed.  Now usually I have my Shakeology for breakfast because it's so easy to grab and go, but one cannot live on superfoods alone, so I've started making these e...

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The results from my 21 day journey

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Halloween Party (Kiddie Version)
Andy and I always host an adult Halloween party because Halloween is like our high holy time and we just love it!  So we figured that in addition to both working full time, having two children, one who is in both dance and gymnastics and another one who is ...

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Parent Society
 Come on and read all about the wonderous things going on in my dark and twisty mind over at Parent Society. 15 Reasons Why You're the Meanest Mom Ever - I bet you've been a big meanie! What You Lose When You Become a Mom - It's not what you think swearsies...

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My Last Drop
Since I've been back at work I've really decided to put my foot down when it comes to weaning.  Basically the entire month of August Arya has had her head attached to my boob.  I was starting to resent her because it was just getting to be too much.  Too mu...
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