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In conjunction with the time change...

Spring your Business/LIFE Forward….3 things you can do today.

1)      Have a 15 minute planning session every day.
Depending on your business, this may be a short managers meeting or a private meeting with yourself.  The goal is to create a targeted, concise and prioritized “What Matters Most”  list for the day.  It will create a laser focus for the important tasks at hand that day.  Staring at a list with more “To-Do” items on it than is humanly possible to complete is emotionally draining.

2)      Delegate away 2 things you’re currently doing.
Make a list of the top 10 things that steal time from you on an average week.  Which two could you most easily delegate to someone else (in house or outsourced) allowing that business function to be executed properly without you doing it.  This may take some training, but the reward is well worth the effort.

3)      Check your Email, text, social media, and Voicemail on a set schedule.
Schedule specific times of the day to check your email and check in.  If you absolutely must have your email open, turn off the notifications so you aren’t getting interrupted every few minutes with an audio sound.  A recent study found it takes up to 20 minutes for someone to refocus after being interrupted.  In this world of instant messaging, tweets and updates, it’s a wonder anyone can concentrate!

from Chris Stienledge, a business coach based in Kansas City

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We are huge supporters of the fight against cancer.  Our friend Esteban is raising money and awareness by participating in the Movember movement.  We donated and hope you will too.  Simply click on the link and see if it is something you can get behind.  Even $5 helps!  Thank you for your time!  

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One of our clients is up to something BIG.  Victoria Chinnell is doing a triathlon and raising money for Colitis research.  

Not familier with Colitis... read her story!  

We support her efforts and we have donated.  We ask that you consider donating too!

#colitis   #triathlon   #donationsplease  

Mr. Michael Meade-  

“In the long run, a culture is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable and wounded people, not by its gross national product or the bottom line of its wealthiest people or ruling classes. More often than not the inner genius and genuine vision in people goes unemployed even amongst those who have enviable jobs and worldly success. Given the size and dimensions of contemporary problems and the fact that all aspects of both culture and nature are threatened, this is the exact time to undertake great projects that will give people meaningful work and a chance to draw upon the genius qualities in each person.”

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It is going to be a warm one in New York today.  So excited to be here for the Cancer in the workplace conference.  So many amazing people, from all over the country will be here.  Looking forward to finally connecting with them in person.  I will learn a lot about how to become a better coach with regard to survivorship and supporting my clients and their process.  

Especially looking forward to meeting Julie Larson (coach and Psychotherapist)

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It is not about the money, it is about the heart touching humanity of it.  Brandon Jacobs has gotten his fair share of criticisms during his career!  This is an act of kindness worth sharing as well!  What small gesture can each of us do to make a difference?   #care   #rolemodel   #nfl  

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It is critically important that we not forget to giggle, laugh, roll our eyes, chuckle and smile... A LOT!  This video my just give you the chance to do all of those things!   #joy   #lifeistooshortnottohavefun  

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Humanity has the potential to bring us to tears with every gesture.  #pure #human #heart #joy

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Cultivating the healing process. Giving back! Giving thanks! Our veterans deserve this and much more! #thankyou #gratitude
My friend +Eric Johnson participated in a fantastic event this memorial day weekend. A group of anglers in Michigan volunteered their time and equipment to support the healing process of our nations veterans. Great story, great patriotism. Thank you Eric and thank you to all of your fellow anglers who participated. Thank you most of all, to our veterans!

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Any ideas?
Help-Looking for a note taking software. #Mac #Web #cloud #ipad would all work. Syncing would be cool too. Metanote cool so far. Ideas?
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