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Have a good day and good morning there in US!
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 Would you consider to freeze your body
 in order to boost endorphins, hormones and general health..?!
                      Cryotherapy offers a solution, :)

#Cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling process that lowers a person's skin temperature to approximately 30˚ F / -1 C for a period of up to 2-3 minutes. This is achieved by enveloping the body with extremely cold air at temperatures ranging from -150˚ F/ -100 C to -320˚ F/ -195 C.

Health benefit:
#Metabolic Boost
#AntiAging and Skin Rejuvination
#Accelerates the body's ability to restore and recover as well as pre-workout benefits
#Injury therapy, #rehabilitation and #performance enhancement
#Treatment of #rheumatoid diseases
#Weight loss boost and #detox stimulation
#Cryotherapy to prevent cervical #cancer
Cryotherapy is used to treat fibromyalgia
#Mitigate headache-related pain
#Release of #endorphins, reduces #stress, #mood enhancer

Lately it has been used in advance veterinary medicine as well.

Read more:

#Elite #sportsmen have used it for long time for performance enhancement and #trauma recovery, also it being popular in #Japan, #Russia, #Germany and the #US

The #medical community has taken increasing interest in the use of therapeutic #hypothermia after significant medical emergencies. Research has included studies on #newborns experiencing #asphyxia at birth and in adults with #cardiac arrest.

#cryotherapy , #cooling , #freezing , #freez#health, #healthy , #healthyliving , #healthcare , #cryosaunas ,
  #TherapeuticHypothermia, #Hypothermia , #headache , #headacherelief , #headachesandmigraines , #headacheremedies #antiaging , #skincare , #cardiaccare , #cardiacarrest , #cardiaccelltherapy , #asphyxia , #veterinary , #cryoveteranery  

Watch the video:

Information and image credit: arabianbusiness, cryousa
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and me!
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Maria Dorfner

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Being married was associated with a lower likelihood of having various types of vascular disease compared with not having a spouse, a study of more than 3.5 million people showed.
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Maria Dorfner

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Academics who moonlight for drug companies have faced intense scrutiny in recent years, but new research suggests much larger sums of money are being paid to their bosses -- the leaders of medical schools and hospitals who serve on drug company boards.
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New Tooth Paste Is Here To Fill In Dental Cavities Without Drilling
              Synthetic Enamel for Rapid Tooth Repair
Japanese researchers have formulated a way to create a super-thin mineral film that simulates human tooth enamel. The discovery could lead to patches that could leave teeth looking whiter and prevent tooth decay, even for people on a steady diet of sugary snacks like, you know, everyone. The patch is made of #hydroxyapatite, the main ingredient in synthetic tooth enamel.
In cavities' earliest stages, tooth decay is microscopic. It doesn't make sense to use fillings in those cases because too much of the healthy tooth would have to be removed to help the filling stick. Left unchecked, #bacteria in tiny cavities destroy tooth enamel, creating deeper cavities in the tooth.
The new dental paste stops that process before it snowballs. The white crystalline paste chemically and structurally resembles tooth enamel. It successfully repaired an early cavity lesion in a lower premolar tooth, the researchers report.
It took 15 minutes to use the paste to seal the tooth's affected area. Examination showed the paste fit right in, integrating with the tooth's enamel. The paste left no gap and kept the treated enamel's thickness even, say the researchers. The paste can fix early cavities and strengthen natural enamel, helping to prevent cavities from returning to the same area, they say.
This synthetic enamel not only repairs teeth but also protects teeth from #cavity at the same time. Because, the decay occurs and continues by bacteria. Synthetic enamel covers the tooth surface. Therefore bacteria cannot survive because of lack of nutrition.
Its acidity and high concentration of hydrogen peroxide could cause inflammation of the gums, say the researchers. Other materials with similarly aggravating potential are already used on patients, they note. 
How is synthetic enamel applied?
Procedures of the treatment:
(1) Brush the tooth to clean the surface of early dental caries using toothbrush with toothpaste on it.
(2) Apply the synthetic enamel paste to the decayed part of the tooth, and allow it to act for 15 minutes.
(3) Wipe off the paste from the tooth surface of the dental enamel, and wash in water, then dry.
(4) Brush up the crystallized synthetic enamel to make it shiny.
It is now in clinical trials. Company is running #clinical_trials for the approval in #Japan, but there is no plan to run clinical trials in #EU or #USA, yet.
The synthetic enamel developed by researchers including Kazue #Yamagishi, DMD, from #Japan's FAP #Dental Institute started in #2005.
#enamel, #tooth , #teethcare , #teeth   #health , #dental , #dentalhealth , #dentalcare , #decay , #cavities , #hydrogen , #hydrogenperoxide  

Information credit:, geekosystem.
Image credit: the guardian,
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Maria Dorfner

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           Coffee and Health

#Drinking up to 6 cups a day of coffee is not associated with increased risk of death from any cause, or death from cancer or cardiovascular disease.

#Some people may still want to consider avoiding coffee or switching to decaf, especially women who are #pregnant, or people who have a hard time controlling their blood #pressure or blood #sugar.

#It’s best to brew coffee with a paper filter, to remove a substance that causes increases in #LDL #cholesterol.

#Coffee may have potential health benefits, but more research needs to be done.

Drinking several cups of coffee daily appears to reduce the risk of #suicide in men and women by about 50%, according to a new study.

#Caffeine not only stimulates the central nervous system but may act as a mild #antidepressant by boosting production of certain #neurotransmitters in the #brain, including #serotonin, #dopamine, and #noradrenaline.

This could explain the lower risk of depression among coffee drinkers that had been found in past epidemiological studies, the researchers reported.

Do #tea and #coffee have similar beneficial effects?

A #study in #China has found that drinking large quantities of #Oolongtea — a liter a day—is beneficial for #glycemic control in people with #diabetes.
But research on tea in the U.S. has not shown the type of beneficial effect we see for #coffee, probably because people in the U.S.tend to drink tea that is weaker in strength and tend to drink less of it.

Information credit: Harvard School of Public Health, Jason Tham
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+Bob Amos  you also can add palm oil as well, if you like fatty coffee/tea... coconut and palm oil are the best amount healthy fats
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Brian Cuban, younger brother of relentless billionaire Mark Cuban, on a life of shame and rejection—and what turned it around
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Maria Dorfner

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The FDA approved the first sublingual oral immunotherapy (SLIT) agent, the multi-grass pollen tablet Oralair, drugmaker Greer announced.
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Yes, the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic is confirming our fears... #Obamacare is giving us higher premiums and less care.

by +Sara Marie Brenner via Brenner Brief News
In a Sunday interview with Fox News Channel's Maria Bartiromo, the CEO of one of the nation's best hospitals explained that ObamaCare has higher premiums for most people enrolling in the plans.
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