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Cooking for hapiness
Cooking for hapiness


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Panellets II
English: Done!!!!! Don't
forget, it's panellets time!!!! This year I've
tried with gin and tonic, green tea, raspberries and coconut. Check the panellets recipes on the blog
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Simple dried beans – Mongetes seques molt simples de fer
English: Quite simple but really delicious. Ingredients:                                         1 kilo Dried beans A bay leaf 1 onion 4 cloves A slice of belly
pork 1 black pudding Salt, pepper and
olive oil Soak them
overnight. Drain and rinse the
beans. ...
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Pastis cruixent de carbassó
Aquesta setmana us
proposo el pastís cruixent de carbassó. En surten 6 racions. El podem amanir amb
salsa maionesa, pesto o tomàquet. El preu es de 12 euros el pastís.
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A casa teva
Hola a tothom!!!!! Ara si voleu podeu
encarregar-me plats, jo us els faré encantada. Cada setmana  proposaré un plat, però si preferiu un altre
que trobeu en el blog també va
bé. Truqueu-me o envieu-me
un whatsapp al 608343742 i ens posem d’acord  com  fer-...
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Bread rolls in 10 minutes - Panets fets en 10 minuts
English: Do you want to bake
some roll breads but you are in a hurry. Don’t worry this is your bread. They
are soft, crunchy and it’s easy to make. Ingredients: 200 gr of flour 1 yogurt 2 tbp of olive oil 1 tsp of yeast A pinch of salt Preheat the oven at
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Chocolate truffles -Trufes de xocolata
English: They only take few minutes to make and it’s a lovely
gift. Ready for Valentine’s Day? They are so good!!!! 250gr of dark chocolate (high quality) 75gr of margarine 2 egg yolks Condensed milk (370grs) 1 tablespoon of alcohol of choice (cointreau, ru...
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Tomato and mozzarella puff pastry tart - Pasta de full amb tomàquet i mozzarella
English: An
easy tomato tart, perfect as an appetizer or a light lunch Puff
pastry Fresh
red tomatoes Mozzarella Chives Oregano
or basil Salt
and pepper Olive
oil Take a pie tray and put a sheet of non-stick baking
paper on the base. Place the rolled out pu...
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