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On Wednesday October 16, 2013, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve or disapprove the Senate Amendment to H.R. 2775 “Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014”.   This was an inconceivable Bill drafted by the Senate to decide if the United States would remain solvent and honorable with regards to its financial operability to the citizens of the United States and virtually the World.  144 U.S. Congressmen and 18 U.S. Senators voted against this bill.
All 144 Congressmen and 18 Senators knew exactly what the consequences of a national default would bring.  Let us make this perfectly clear, all of these Congressional Members knew that their vote could harm the United States of America by financially destroying its Fiscal Structure,  causing a permanent shut-down of all funding of the Federal Government, the Federal Reserve, the funding of the Senate, and the people’s House of Representatives,  the funding of the Supreme Court and its support functions,  the World Bank, and the International efforts throughout the world that depend upon U.S. financial agreements.   
This consequence would suggest even the world’s worst terrorist leader would pause and consider the consequences to his own cause before signing his name to the destruction of the financial institute that controls his own world order.  You might say; “How is it possible that our Founding Fathers and the Constitution could have overlooked a circumstance that would allow our Nation to be brought to its knees?”  I would suggest the Founding Fathers didn’t overlook it; they dismissed this circumstance as being inconceivable!   What is the possibility that a majority group of democratically elected representatives of the United States would ever vote to destroy the very Nation they represent?  And if those representatives were only using their vote to scare the opposition, that act would be a disgrace to the Nation those politicians have sworn to protect.
If any of those congressmen was sincere in their belief that he or she was right to wager the destruction of America to achieve political gains, they are Traitors.  144 U.S. Congressmen voted to destroy our way of life.  18 Senators voted to delay the vote on October 16th.  If any of the Senators were voting to save their seat, they are the worst kind of politician, one who would sell out America to keep their office!

The purpose of this letter is not to stir up things.  It was written because something needs to be done to let these politicians know that their action won’t be forgiven or forgotten.   Myself and several concerned citizens have started a fund to erect a monument to remind American Citizens of those politicians who voted to harm our Nation.
All 144 Congressmen and the 18 Senator’s names will be engraved on the monument along with their representative districts.  The monument will be taken to Washington DC and installed on Private Property in view of our Nation’s Capital Building.  At the top it will read: 
“Dedicated to Remind All Citizens of the United States, that they should not honor these politicians who voted to invoke major financial harm that could have resulted in the destruction of the United States of America”
Senate Amendment to H.R. 2775 “Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014” Wednesday October 16, 2013.

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