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#‎Android‬ Gurus - HELP
Soft bricked my ‪#‎Nexus4‬,
1. Had custom recovery, tried recovery - did not work
2. Got Stock image from google and tried to Flash
3. Phone stuck on boot loop
4. Custom recovery Gone (obviously)
5. Able to boot into Recovery, but device only detected as MTP
6. Unable to run any adb command as the device itself is not detected (IF it would have booted, I WOULD have turned developer mode on, but then Recovery should have fastboot and be detected !)
7. Already Installed Latest google drivers.
The Android ADB Interface under device manager says "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)"
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I would like to bring to notice the frustrating and pathetic experience I had with Kothari Hyundai Kharadi workshop.
I took my vehicle for service on Saturday 5th March 2016 for Some minor issues as well as body work.
After consulting with the technician , Service related issues were ruled out (after a waiting time of around 2-3 Hours in patches).
I was ASKED to come on Tuesday for body work and that It'll take around 2-3 days and later updated that It'll not be ready till Friday.
further I did not get any updates, and I had to call up Pritam who was handling my case.
Since then I have no response whatsoever and even Pritam won't pick up the call.
You contact details on Official Hyundai app is incorrect, your customer care did not pick up, and When they did, They simply asked me to call on a different number which did not pick up.

Surprise and Shock: After waiting for almost 15 Days (22nd March), I tried calling up Pritam again, and this time he picked up.
According to him, the vehicle was ready since 5 Days and He had already delivered it !
What would your reaction have been ?
Then I was told that He'll confirm with the delivery guys, and that he was hospitalized and some other stuff.

The point in case - No one bothered to call/intimate me related to the status of my vehicle.
Who would bear the cost of commute and cabs that I had to take due to your negligence.
After escalating this out to every possible phone number I could find yesterday, I get a call TODAY, that your vehicle is ready TODAY and can be dispatched.

My vehicle has been parked at your garage without any work for last 5 Days (as already shared by your associate who handled my case ; a.k.a Pritam).

One thing is for sure - I am not going to opt of Kothari ever in future.
And certainly if this is the quality and attitude throughout in Hyundai, then I would have to consider other options.

#fail   #badService   #frustrating   #pune   #hyundai   #Kothari  
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500 Firepaper breaks up with 500px

I've just uploaded v2.70 to the Play Store, which removes the 500px-supported upgrade to allow pinning for 7 days.

500 Firepaper to me has been one of those apps that was fun to build and I actually used daily myself. Every Android device I use runs it as its background.

It used to be optionally-donate, as in, all features were free and you could buy Pro to buy me a beer. About 1.5 years ago, the guys at 500px let me know they wanted half the 'revenue'. In exchange, they would allow paying users to keep images cached (and pinned) for 7 days instead of 24 hours. Fair enough, they're providing the bandwidth, after all.

About half a year ago, 500px started to watermark 'their' images. According to their own documents, you can get a watermark-free stream of images for a fee. Of course, I immediately started lobbying to have those watermarks removed for images shown in 500 Firepaper - if not for all users, then at least for paying users.

I'll be the first to admit that earlier this year, some of my payments to 500px were late and batched together - my bad. They made some comments about that, so I started making sure the payment were done within the terms of the contract. Terms that were negotiated at length when it was signed, and now apparently forgotten.

They have become first unreasonable (and they're Canadian...) then completely unresponsive. After months of this, it is clear to me that they have no intention to either work anything out, or remove the watermarks, even for users they have received revenue shares from.

To me this is completely unacceptable. I cannot justify taking user's money and giving it to 500px, while at the same time 500px presents those same users with watermarked images that go a long way to ruin the experience.

As such, I am no longer making payments to 500px, and have removed the paid functionalities from the app. It is now once again an optionally-donate app, with all features available for free.

Pinning for 7 days will still be available for users who purchased when that feature was offered, for anyone else it will be limited to 24 hour cache time limit.

Note that I fully expect this is the beginning of the end for 500 Firepaper. It wouldn't surprise me if they just disabled the app's API key out of spite. I'm sure they don't agree with me keeping the 7-days-pinning feature available for those who have paid in the past either.

Last but not least, it has happened several times in the lifetime of 500 Firepaper that the app's API key was disabled by a photographer's request. Photographs uploaded to 500px are spread through the API for public consumption (with cache time limits). It seems a large number of photographers aren't aware of this happening, and just see their photos appearing somewhere - to their logic without their permission. Of course, they have granted 500px permission to do this when they signed up, but not realising this, they file complaints. If that happens again, I fear the API key will never be reinstated.

That's it, enjoy it while it lasts.
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Quotes a Day - Day 2
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up . The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time" ~ Thomas A. Edison Post from one of the Project I took on My Facebook Page ( )
Quotes a Day - Day 2
Quotes a Day - Day 2
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Quotes a Day - Day 1
One of the recent Project I took on My Facebook Page ( I'll try to post a photo a day with some beautiful Quotes to start the day. Please share your feedback, and share in your circles if you like the concept/execution. Please let me kn...
Quotes a Day - Day 1
Quotes a Day - Day 1
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