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feel the connection...feel the burn
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New Way To Read

It took me a long time to get half way through the latest book I read, The Age of Em, while reading on Amazon Kindle for Android. At some point I discovered a menu option called “Word Runner” and gave it a try; an example is below. I remember first seeing this technique after it was first developed some years ago now and thought it was pretty cool. I persevered and decided to read the remaining half of the book in this way; I was finished in less than a week and suspect I could read a book per week this way.

When starting the software presents words slowly to get your brain used to the cadence then builds up to your selected word speed. I found that (i) too slow and it seemed disjointed and hard to follow, (ii) too fast and it was like skimming the page with flashes of narrative jumping out but difficult to take it all in.

At the moment I’m happy with about 250 words per minute, a rate that lets me take everything in to the point where I frequently stop to highlight a particularly poignant or insightful passage for later review - which I enjoy doing.

The main thing is that this method forces you to focus and pay attention to the book. Looking away or getting distracted results in missing whole sentences or paragraphs and having to restart. For The Age of Em simply concentrating like this for 3 - 5 minutes at a time was enough to get through a section heading of a chapter, and four or five of those got through a whole chapter.

I’ll be reading my next book entirely in this manner and this seems to work well for me for non-fiction. Not sure if I’d be happy this way for fiction.

Has anyone else tried this? Could you read a book like this?

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NASA made all its research available online for free
Want to learn more about Martian tsunamis or keeping fit in space? Now you can. NASA has made it a lot easier to access research from the agency's scientists. A newly created archive contains peer-reviewed journal articles produced by NASA-funded research. The articles are available for free within a year of publication.

Give it a try here:

Source & further reading:

#nasa   #science   #research   #space  

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Varamahalakshmi Festival

Varalakshmi Vrata is a festival to propitiate the goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, one of the Hindu Trinity. Varalakshmi is one who grants boons (Varam). It is an important pooja performed by many women in south India.

The name Varalakshmi itself can be interpreted in two ways. In one sense, Varalakshmi is one who grants boons. In another, she is the Goddess who is invited into the home and honoured.

Teachers & Management of New Baldwin 's High School celebrated this festival.

All the students and teachers prepared Prasadam and brought them to the school. After pooja sweets and prasadam were distributed to everyone.
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A Romanian cave sealed for 5.5 million years is slowly being cataloged, with some interesting finds.
Movile Cave has an atmosphere so dangerous that the few scientists who have so far been allowed to visit must use breathing equipment, thanks to low levels of oxygen and high levels of hydrogen sulphide in the air. Most creatures in the cave are thought to have been sealed in over five million years ago, and then evolved features to deal with the dark, such as losing their eyes and growing longer legs and antennae.

The ecosystem relies entirely upon chemosynthetic bacteria that extract carbon from the air without the aid of light. The most numerous bacteria use carbon dioxide, and others get their carbon from methane. The bacterial film on the water and walls is where all the nutrients enter this ecosystem, and it’s the only known example of such a system. Small animals eat the slime, and larger animals eat them.


Photo: An unidentified leech from Movile Cave
Credit: Thierry Berrod, Mona Lisa Production/SPL

#biodiversity   #coolcritters   #MovileCave   #exploration  

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They're launching to the Moon next year. But first, they have new digs at Cape Canaveral! #MoonExpress ‪#‎GLXP‬

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Success! Engine burn complete. After a five-year journey, our #Juno spacecraft is now orbiting #Jupiter, poised to unlock the planet's secrets.

More about our Juno mission:

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At Google office along with +Srinidhi Viswanatha​
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