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New personal post - Link Building with Infographics using Google Reverse Image Search - which includes a custom search engine for infographic sites.

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Setting up a Wordpress CDN by +Richard Baxter

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Worth keeping an eye on this thread started by +Pierre Far
There is a fun "SEO geeks" discussion on Twitter between +Barry Schwartz, +Ann Smarty , +Andy Beard, and +Rishi Lakhani about what it means for a URL to be indexed. For background read Barry's blog post on Search Engine Roundtable ( ).

Here is the answer:
1. A page that is not blocked from crawling and has a meta noindex tag will not be shown in the search results. Of course it's not instantaneous as Googlebot has to crawl the page first and we need to process the contents to discover the noindex tag.

2. If you block the crawling of a page using robots.txt, Googlebot will not be able to crawl the page. If that page has a noindex meta tag, we won't know about it because Googlebot is blocked from crawling it (that's an important point!).

3. Pages blocked from crawling may still be shown in the search results because we may discover enough info about them from the Open Directory Project or from other places around the web.

I think that covers all the points under discussion. Any questions?

This is a good reference with more details:

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A Brief Guide to Perfecting Your Online Content Strategy guest post on my blog by Ellie-Rose Williams

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Great post by +John Doherty
Google's Hidden Author Search

Yesterday I found that Google actually has an author search available in the SERPs, but it's hidden. I found a way that you are able to search by topic for any author that is verified through Google+! I also included a bookmarklet for you to use and recorded a screencast (my first) for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Also, it's on both Hacker News and If you like it, please upvote it there!

Big thanks to +Tom Critchlow and +Michael King for their help on the JS. Mentions of +Rand Fishkin and +Danny Sullivan throughout the post too.

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I wrote this over a year ago now and its still as relevant today as it was then - - would love to get more opinions and experience

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7 Types of Content to get Traffic and Links would love you feedback on this one!
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