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A fun puzzle from one of my teammates on Grey Goo. Solve and enjoy!
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I'm such a computer nerd ... my first thought was "but it's trivial to write a program to solve this". And my second one was "or I could just draw the graph induced by the problem rules, that would work too".
You could write the program, too! I'd be curious what you'd get!
Unless I'm misunderstanding the rules or I've screwed up somewhere (and I've triple-checked, but might be blind), there's no solution...
Oh, I got the puzzle solution. ಠ_ಠ
You evil, evil man. You know how much time I spent checking my code for bugs?
+Daniel Burrows If you wrote it as a depth-first search, your computer may now be sentient. But fair warning, if it is, it's probably vengeful and malevolent against humankind.
+Kyle Woodlock Don't worry, I wrote it as a breadth-first search. It's still sentient, but it's far too well-rounded and mellow to care about such petty things as vengeance.
Oh, Ghu. I am now so glad I didn't have time to fiddle with this thing yesterday. So, +Daniel Burrows , just to be sure I understand what you've said: you did, in fact, whip up a little program to solve this, and it came back with something along the lines of "The only way to win is not to play?"
+Dave Howell Yep. I didn't actually spend that long debugging it; luckily, the next thing I did was ask it for shortest paths to other parts of the maze, and it functioned perfectly, so it was pretty clear what the issue was. :-)
Why, yes, it is, in fact, altogether too clear what the issue is. Gaaaah. Puzzle-nuts. {rolls eyes}
The instructions said - and I quote: "Try as hard as you can, and see where you get!"

I don't think Steve was being unfair at all! Particularly given the theme and the final answer to the puzzle.
Oh, I was extremely aware of what the instructions said. Did anybody cry foul? I don't believe they did. Evil, yes, oh, absolutely. But not 'out of bounds' in any sense.
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