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I had a scan coming up. I couldn't settle. I had acute
scanxiety and thus it was a good job that 1. I'm not trying to hold down a job
where I need to focus for a time span longer than four seconds and 2. I
have a deadline for the first draft of my next nove...

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Something from Nothing...
Just a few... I'd love to say that over the past few weeks of testing my
children through their extraordinary stack of home-made flash cards for their
A-levels and Year 12 revision, that I've learnt much about their subjects
ranging from Klingon (sorry, I m...

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Two signed copies of Glass Houses to giveaway here, on Rachel Gilbey's popular and incredibly busy (I am in awe of Rachel's ability to read so widely and so speedily!) book review blog. competition ends a week today: 26 June '17.
Guest Post & Giveaway - Naked Chance by Jackie Buxton - Chances Fortnight
When I was given the task of writing a blog post about taking a chance,
my head went automatically to the chances I'd taken with writing. I'd abandoned
a first draft to write something else, foregoing 100,000 words and years of my
life spent in the study, o...

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Naked Chance
I'm head down
in The Taxi Ride, the current name for the first draft of my next novel which I
wouldn't embed too firmly in your consciousness as it will last oh, anything
from a week to a month based on my other working titles. They've ranged from
The Tree ...

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Entering a New World
The fear of the return of cancer is a most unwelcome, uninvited guest for anyone who's stared down this heinous disease in the past. Nonetheless, over the last three years since diagnosis, I've taken solace in the
fact that my cancer, of the grade three var...

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The Lost Edit
I'm not prone to losing things – words
perhaps, marbles certainly, but not actual 'things'. I'm far too obsessed with
time wasting to be able to cope with 'looking'. Tick, tock, that clock goes,
tick tock, another few seconds of valuable life spent in the f...

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'Free' Books
I'm not sure how I feel about books
being 'bought' for free, zilch, gratis on Amazon (or anywhere). I feel for the
authors who have put their heart, soul and billions of hours into writing the
book in the first place, not to mention into finding a publisher...

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Phone in the Back
I'm not an evangelical do-gooder. I
don't think my way is the only way to live. I don't even think my way is the
best way to live (although it works for me). But there is something I want to
say. After the research I did for Glass
Houses, after thinking abo...

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The One-in-a-Million Boy
Come join us!   Because I should be writing (my September deadline for the first draft of my next novel is steaming towards us), editing (a wonderful 50,000 word project) and preparing for this talk on Friday...  ...not to mention more sock drawer tidying (...

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I'm over at Chat About Books today, chatting with the lovely Kerry Parsons about books and stuff: character names, new endings
and why I'll be inviting Kizzy from The Diddakoi for a coffee some time soon…Please pop over and say hello! Meanwhile, a reminder ...
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