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Developing imaginative capacity.
Developing imaginative capacity.
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Late again, but that's the point.
It must be summer. How do I know? I've had time to read comics. Thanks to the trio of wonders that are rss feeds, torrent magnets and coincidence, I was introduced to Tim Seeley and Jim Terry's Sundowners . A comic about a group of damaged people with vario...

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(Can’t) Get(ting) back: free choice killed my roots (and I don't mind)
Make no mistake. I’m older. We all are. I’ve
been actively, consciously seeking out new music to excite me for twenty-five
years. It has been an expensive habit. CDs used to cost $30 each. I’ve bought,
sold, owned, rented and even accidentally stolen hundre...

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Clutch – Psychic Warfare
A disclaimer, the “behind the scenes” for
the transformation of this site continue to develop, much slower than
anticipated, though still steady. Programing is complex, brainy stuff for a non-programmer.
The upside to this is that it makes me use my brain, ...

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Metal Writing Sucks
The other day, I started reading Treme Stories and Recipes , a cookbook born of the HBO series Treme . As I metaphorically leafed through the digital "pages", I noticed that each of the introductory pieces was well written. Well written. Which is to say tha...

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Something new. Wip.

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Things are about to change!
Get ready, for it has been a while. Things are about to change. New academic year, new computer, new resolutions.

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Hang on, what?
Yeah, seems like no one noticed. Or cared. Anyway, the Abysmal record isn't. It's great. The other one? Not my thing but it does the job.

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Gaijin Myths About Japan: The Salaryman
No one type in Japan earns as much discombobulated
Gaijin ire as the Salaryman ( sarariman ). Salarymen are frequently
referred to as uncreative, mindless, drones, grunts, alcoholic, misogynist and
all that is wrong with Japan. Perhaps there is some measure...
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