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+Google+ Looks like absolute shit with this 'card design'.

What the hell did they do and why is everything going "MAKE IT WORK FOR PHONES AND TABLETS, SCREW THE OTHERS."
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it doesnt bother me none at all but yeah its been this way for a few years now.
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If you don't know of this person's music, then you are missing out! 
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Fantasy/Celtic. But the person also does cross types. 
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They really need a signal boost. 
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What the fuck is this and why is it communicating with me.
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beywerse ou'er aweoijsnme
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So this place is still a thing.

Hi thing!
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Mike D
egads you're alive!

Also happu Birthday =D
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There are some pretty awesome ones, Tesla motors club has a now 113 page thread going on the subject.
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My butt. 
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wut wut?
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+Replies and More is back! Thanks to the the support of +Kimberly Hitchens I've spent some time bringing it back from the dead and moving it over to github, where it will be easier for others to contribute things like bugfixes and translations.
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I'm sorry. But 50% of all global users use IE? I don't believe that for one second, their data is old and out dated to say the least. I go on their graph and it's not even tracking the latest versions just a giant blob called "other" what the fuck is other meant to mean?

I will happily go with 35-40% still use IE. And by use I mean DAILY USAGE. If they are tracking it by people actually using it on a daily basis their data will drop dramatically. I have never seen on any form of Google anayltics that I have had anything less then around %40 for Chrome and 30-40% for Firefox with IE being horridly lower then any thing else. If you want me to take your data seriously, I want to see all that backed up because I call bullshit right away. 
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+Mike Morelli On my dad's I had to go into the setting and disable IE completely so that he wouldn't try to use it.
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Why can't more things have this, the hide premium button.

Not even just a premium button, but more in general the entire "Buy this to get rid of ads" or "Buy this for more features" 

I grow tired of seeing it, shoo!
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Social network president -
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Were to start.. hmm.

Spitfire is best fire.

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Stayed with this hotel for 16 nights. The only reason we wont be going back is due to need of closer proximity to the main city. Other than that, I do recommend this hotel. The staff are kind and well mannered, and they'll do what they can to look after you without being intrusive. It's got proximity to an English speaking restaurant that is Italian themed with bar and close to a connection subway with access to the city or a shopping mall. Good value for short or long stay, also large amount of parking plus road connection anywhere.
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