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I've just downloaded Gimpshop, which I know is a very useful pic manipulator programme. The download included two other large programmes which I neither asked for nor wanted and my AV detected a threat which it destroyed. After rebooting I ran a Malwarebytes scan, which detected a further 14 threats which weren't there before.

What's funny about glueing all that shit onto stuff ?
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Yeah, Java's the same way; it's come with an easy-to-miss Bing! Toolbar for a few years now. 
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Not likely to be on here much. I'm going through some strange days. I was working at lifting weights with my right foot, and SUDDENLY I could feel my leg. A very weird experience after 1½ years without feeling. Next morning I expected it to be gone again, but it isn't, and my right arm feels normal too. Of course I can't use them for anything (yet ?), but my physio has taught me a useless trick which wouldn't have been possible a couple of weeks ago, so if you need someone who can touch his own beard with his right hand, I'm your man.
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In "Amy," performers as diverse as Yasiin Bey and Tony Bennett sing the praises of the late Amy Winehouse, and the documentary helps reclaim the talented, troubled singer ...
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Don't know how I feel about this. It's a tragic story and probably one that needs to be shared, but throwing her family under the bus? ...not so sure that's justifiable.
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Sabotage The System: It is not enough to protect ourselves, individually, from this surveillance nightmare we must also protect ourselves, collectively
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I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree
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A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed,
Against the earths sweet flowing breast...
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Remember the Saturday morning pictures, and their wonderful serials ? The Superman ones were the forerunners of computer animation, years before there were computers. When he had to fly, he turned into a cartoon, until he came back down to earth, and became flesh and blood again.

Anyway, I've found a site which has most of the serials for sale on DVD, as well as quite a few classic films.

I've just bought "Mysterious Doctor Satan"
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What cat ?
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That is some tattoo you got there
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Forgive me father, for I have sinned. You see there's this young woman who's moved into the house next door, and on more then one occasion I have coveted my neighbour's ass.
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Cheer up everybody, you can stop your crying now.

If everything turns out as it should, I'll be getting some decent Internet some time tomorrow, and then I'll be back. Haven't you all missed me ?

BTW I've got my feeling back in my right arm and leg. Still can't use them, but who knows what comes next ?
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WhatwhatWHAT???? Feeling back???! My god I am getting goosebumps!!!! OMG!!!! Dude!!! (jumps up and down)
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