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Babylon system falling down. I look to the fall of this US Neo-Roman-Judea empire, any day now. IMHO, 1. We don't need their Banks or loans. 2.We need our own Sovereignty and Reparations. We should receive reparations as Bail-out Grants for access to land, water, energy and any other resources, to build our own communities, to practice  on our own way of life; just like Chinese, Japanese, And so called remaining Native American Indians received. 3.Why are you asking a corrupt and oppressive government and racist system, for loans to build in a concentration camp? Loans would only degrade us back into this capitalistic system and assure the doom of our grandchildren into wage slavery. We live in a corporatokrazy, full of economic hit-men, who still invade and destroy countries with Loans, creating indentured-slave-share-croppers, forced to outsource their resources. 4.We Need to pick up the Garvey baton to seek investors from Africa and the Caribbean to build our sustainable communities in the Americas and Africa. 5.The reality is that they are not only seeking to mass incarcerate "some of us" into concentration camps, more over they seek DEPOPULATION. This is why there is an open season for killing Black skinned people. They have enough of an overflowing of melanin people in school-to-prison pipeline of corporate prisons-  men and women, to breed their own population of slaves. - But I guess you don't want to hear from the over 40. I have NEVER supported Messy Jessie, or Sharp-tongue. I am NOT a Christian, and did not take on the values of the wasp middle class. I was 8 years old when Martin and MalcomX were destroyed. By the time I was 21, I was in a war zone with cointel-pro. Yet, I am the target and scapegoat for the failure of my children? No, My Parents (I had both in my household) did not have the means to start a business, and pass that legacy on to me and my siblings... Yet Still I Rise...
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