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Interesting article about the origins of life

it is probably me but the dict-interface of the python enum-class strikes me extremely odd consider the following test-code:

enum_question$ cat 
# file: enum_test
from _future_ import print_function
import enum

class Foo(enum.Enum):
    BAR = 1
    BAZ = 1

print('get BAR:', Foo['BAR'])
print('get BAZ:', Foo['BAZ'])

guess what, one finds on the terminal:

enum_question$ python3 
get BAR: Foo.BAR
get BAZ: Foo.BAR

in plain english: ask for 'BAZ' and you shall be given 'BAR' !! :-o

OK, they have the same value, but still; it is kind of unexpected; again at least if you think like me; 

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in kalifornien ist derzeit eine der schlimmsten duerren seit beginn der aufzeichnungen was auch zu diskussionen ueber die verwendung von wasser fuehrt, dazu ein kommentar in der NY-times

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interesting opinion piece from NY-times
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