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60 new Chrome OS wallpapers were recently released, and they're now in our gallery!

Yesterday users began seeing a bunch of new wallpapers in the Chrome OS wallpaper selector. We confirmed those reports and began adding the to our wallpaper gallery so that everyone can download them.

This new batch seems to focus on images from Google Maps, including some simply stunning bird-eye views of cities, mountains, and airplanes.

You can also grab a bulk download of all the current wallpapers at the bottom of our gallery.

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Deal Alert: HP 11 Chromebook for $225 on Amazon

We don't typically share these types of posts, but this is a crazy good deal for an HP 11 Chromebook. If you've been waiting to buy one for the right price, this might be your best chance yet.

For Amazon Prime members, this item is eligible for your standard free 2-day shipping.

If you would like to support Chrome UP, you can use our affiliate link to visit the product page:


If you'd rather use a direct link to the product listing, we completely understand:


Reviews of the HP 11 can be found on our device page:


Happy shopping!

(Thanks to +Brent Sullivan for the excellent price tracking!)

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Introducing our brand new Chrome OS Wallpaper Gallery!

Chrome OS features some of the most breathtaking wallpapers available, but they've typically been very hard to find on the web. The handful of websites that do index them often force you to use "one at a time" gallery scripts that require page refreshing between images. Even worse, download pages are often riddled with spammy ads.

We strongly believe our page fixes those problems by showcasing all 90 wallpapers in a grid view. Most wallpapers have at least two download options, with one being directly from Google servers. Even better, we've included the authorship information where available!

Oh, and one more thing - anchor links are live as well. That means you can link to specific wallpapers by right-clicking the little (#) icon next to a wallpaper and hitting "copy link". That makes it easy to link a friend to a specific wallpaper.

What are you waiting for? Go take a look!



#ChromeOS   #Wallpapers  

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Meet the new Lenovo N20 and N20P Chromebooks

As part of the Google and Intel event today, we saw the announcement of two new Chromebooks from Lenovo. These devices appear to be consumer release versions of their recent education models.

Many details still remain scarce, but we do have the pricing, an availability timeline, and some great photo galleries. We will continue to update our device pages as more information is made available.



Are either of these the Chrome devices you've been waiting for?

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The LG Chromebase is now listed on Amazon for $349.99.

For now, the listing simply states that Amazon is "out of stock". If you proceed to order the device, Amazon says they will send you an email when it is back in stock and ready to ship.

The great news is that this listing includes some information we didn't have before, like the price. We've updated our device page for the LG Chromebase to include all the information we currently have.

A major thanks to +Brent Sullivan for bringing this to our attention.

You can jump straight to the Amazon listing using the follow link (note that it includes our affiliate code, and we will earn a commission should you purchase it):

You can also use our non-affiliate link to view the listing as well:

Are you looking forward to this device? Do you think LG got the price point correct?

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Looking for details on the upcoming +ASUS C200 Chromebook?

We've updated our device page today to include an official press render, links to two separate photo galleries, and detailed specifications straight from a vendor sales sheet.

A major hat tip to user skryerx on reddit for sharing the vendor sheet on r/ChromeOS. It helped us to fill in most of the gaps we had remaining - this device is stacking up quite nicely!

View the post on reddit:

Will you be picking up an Asus C200?

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Looking for a Chrome OS compatible microphone?

The Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti products both work well with Chrome devices, and as of today they are part of our growing accessories database.

We just just published an updated version this morning that includes categories for microphones, web cameras, and bluetooth speakers. We've also squashed that bug that prevented some users from opening links in a new window - sorry about that!

Remember, if you know of something we missed, we would love to have you let us know. Our goal is to have this database index the accessories the community is using!



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It's a bad day for a network outage - we were featured on the +Gigaom Chrome Show Podcast!

We had a slight network outage earlier that should now be resolved (specific pages might be coming online one-by-one). For those interested, our hosting provider had a connectivity issue in their Provo (Utah) datacenter where our server is located. From what we're told, it seems to have been related to hardware failure (specifically a router). Our total website uptime is still at 99%+, and we are confident this was an isolated issue.

You would be forgiven if you assumed the downtime was related to a traffic spike, however, as we were featured on the Gigaom Chrome Show this morning. The hosts discussed the power of our detailed comparison tool and the overall effectiveness of our website. We are immensely grateful for their kinds words.

Check out the embedded episode below, and be sure to check out the comparison tool being praised here:


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Quick Tip: Hide Your Extensions In Chrome

If you have a lot of extensions installed, you might find yourself running out of omnibar space. This feature allows you to quickly hide non-essential extensions behind an expansion list.

Additional tip: you can also drag any icon left or right to rearrange them. We recommend sticking extensions you rarely use all the way to the right, then hiding them, leaving only your "most used" icons displayed.

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Chrome OS is not "just" Chrome Browser. Here's why.

This article was originally published in 2012, but it still rings true. It's also surprising to learn that the message still hasn't quite gotten through, there are still many people that assume Chrome OS is just Chrome.

What makes Chrome OS different from Chrome to you?
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