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I answer the questions that Google won't.
I answer the questions that Google won't.

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Do NOT join us NOW if you're allergic to making money.

+Jon Benson is breaking down persuasion triggers in email and how to use them to tap into the Wants, Needs, Fears and Desires of your audience.

You can come and speak to him about your own customer's wants and needs right NOW.

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Why is everyone sharing this?
Day 3 of the VICE - our reach is increasing and amplified.

If you live under a rock and haven't heard yet, I am hosting a 10-day VICE (Virtual Interactive coaching experience) with my client Jon Benson as he holds your hand teaching you how to build your own Inbox Brand.

[If you want to start making money with emails, you' want to watch the replays and join us LIVE tonight -]

VICE integrates gamification into it, because just like children, we adults learn better through play.

We have daily challenges and prizes, but the big prize that got everyone playing and sharing is the Top 5 Win A Free Membership Inside Email CopyPro ($1,000)

Now, what's cool about Email CopyPro is that it takes ALL the work Jon is teaching you to do on these training and does it for you - in your own voice.

And you can get your hands on this AI for email for free when you join our game. But hurry! The winners will be announced in 2 days.

All you have to do to win is be in the top 5.
And getting there is easy and fun. You learn how to improve your email prowess, share what you learn with the world (comment, invite, watch) and the points go up.

DATE: TONIGHT and Every Night This Week, Ending Wednesday, July 26th
TIME: Starting at 5:00PM PST, 8:00PM EST


Yes, I know that you're not supposed to have 2 calls to action in the same post...but after seeing these results you're probably thinking - heck! I want to do this for my own product.
So before we jump on a call to see if your product's a fit for VICE, take a look at this masterclass that walks you through the elements of VICE and how they may apply to your own business.

#vice #viralconnectivity #emailmarketing #marketing #inboxbranding #marketing #email #growthhacking #t

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I don't care to beat you.

I race against myself.
I want to better who I am.
I want to be
a better mother,
a better businesswoman,
a better friend,
a better sister,
a better daughter,
a better human being.
I'm on a single race track.
There is nobody else racing.
There is only me and my better version.

So don't compare yourself to me because i'm not trying
to be better than you.

/Edited and reposted with permission from Daniel Gefen

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Is your head in the marketing game? Our Creative Playbook has what you need to make videos that people love and share.

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This is cool!

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LIVE NOW - Why don't people open your emails? ⬅ Join us NOW to speak with +Jon Benson live now about your own email branding.

#inboxbranding #viralconnectivity #emailmarketing #t #growthhacking

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We can end Human Trafficking
Join us live as we talk to the leaders who are working hard to end the sale of human beings against their will.

How to support this

Share and win!

Share the watch page with the hashtags in a public post. The post with the most shares will be announced on Growthli's FB page. Be creative and have fun to win!

#FreeThemHTX, #TilEveryoneIsFree, #EndHumanTrafficking #UntilAllAreFree #t

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Need Help Writing Emails? ⬅ For best results, copy the pros.

Today I want to save you from wasting time, energy, and money trying strategies that don’t work.
No matter how mind-blowingly amazing your product is, it’s your emails that engage your subscribers and turn them into customers.

So all entrepreneurs MUST master the skill of email marketing to sustain their businesses. But if you’re not an email marketing pro, that becomes more difficult.

So you could blindly write emails and spend months testing to see what works with your subscribers.

Or you could just copy the email marketing greats and save your time and energy.

At this point I could be like any other marketer out there and refer you to another online guide with examples... but that's not really saving you time or energy, is it? You'd still need to test them for yourself and figure out what works and what not...

So I'm going to do something better - I'm going to invite you to a 10-day VICE (Virtual, interactive coaching experience) where you can speak directly with one of the top copywriters in the world - Jon Benson, where Jon will PERSONALLY teach you how to write converting emails LIVE, and if you have ANY question about anything, you could TALK to him face to face so you can clear it out right then and there.

The ONLY way you can talk to Jon face to face like that is if you're one of his private clients, and that'll run you $5k/hour...

...but starting this Monday (7/17/17, at 1pm PST) you can get FREE access not only to Jon, but also to our community so you can end that writer’s block once and for all.

Jon will help you create everything from welcome emails to webinar registration emails without having to recreate the wheel. In fact, he'll even show you how you can put it on auto-pilot.

Click here to reserve your seat, and save yourself the trials and tribulations of constant testing ➡

To finding what works and doing more of it,
Your Geek, Yifat.

#vice #viralconnectivity #growthhacking #emailmarketing #emails #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #business #startup #marketing #socialmedia


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Life's biggest challenges...

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Damien Rourke was an SEO pro who built a website around a service that created info products for people.
Some of his clients were Fortune 100 guys, everyday name marketing gurus, and names we see mentioned in private Facebook groups weekly.

What’s gotten under his skin and what is bugging the hell outta him, is that 95% of his clients didn't actually have their own material.

What would actually happen is this:

>> “Guru A” would say something very close to: “Hey, I’m super busy and it’s so hard for me to take time out for the interviews. Look, Guru B, Guru C, and Guru D have some stuff that is pretty much like ours. We will send you their stuff and you just extract the ideas and spin it. Cool?”

As Damien puts it:

What I want everyone to understand from this post is simply this...

Click to read more

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