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Tina Reed Johnson
Web & Social Media Marketing Consultant | A bleeding ♥ wanting to save the world.
Web & Social Media Marketing Consultant | A bleeding ♥ wanting to save the world.
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This is a really good article on science and politics. We need more scientists in elected positions!

Science entering a new frontier: Politics

Outrage at Trump's positions mobilizes scientists into action. Read about the politics of science in Trump era in the L.A. Times.

#environment #climatechange #science #climatedeniers #politics

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There is too much hate in the world. Love will counteract that.

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Mono Lake is such a beautiful and unique place. The only place somewhat similar I've been to is the Salton Sea in San Diego County. So amazing for their bird habitats and salty waters. These limestone rock formations (tufas) are made by calcium in springs, and when water recedes/evaporates you can see them.

We support the Mono Lake Committee's efforts to conserve the lake, and keep it from being drained by Los Angeles and other counties for their water supply needs. See tips on water conservation:

About tufas:

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The campaign to impeach President Trump has Begun Not a good start for the president.

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Did you know President Obama is so ocean friendly? We will miss him!

#environment #oceanconservation
Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Obama: The Ocean President

"When he leaves the Oval Office this month, he will have safeguarded more of the ocean than any other president, and increased the amount of protected waters around the U.S. by four times.* His administration has also worked to improve American fisheries, clamp down on illegal fishing, and create national policies for protecting the oceans."

For this story and full newspaper

#environmentalnews #Obama #Oceans #climatechange

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Protect those black cats! ; ) #caturdayeveryday
HaPpY hAlLoWEeN! Please be safe and keep your black cats indoors!

#happyhalloween #blackcats #environment

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If you really want to get creeped out...Here are some spiders in time for Halloween. Move ahead to 17:30.


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Death Valley National Park is a place like no other. It has an interesting and colorful history, full of questionable characters including the very bad. It is one of the hottest places on earth, being at the second-lowest point in the U.S. It's actually quite dangerous if you go unprepared. My father-in-law mapped Death Valley in the early 1950's as a geology student.

This shot is at Zabriskie Point at sunset.

#nationalpark #sunset #wilderness

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We've been to Sequoia National Park every summer for the past several years (and also to adjacent Kings Canyon National Park.) There is no cell reception here, and no Internet access! Yay, it lets me unwind from my online life.

This is from a hike called Trail of the Sequoias. We saw the top of the mountain, about 7,000 feet in elevation. What a great trail. I've never seen so many sequoias in my life.


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For those WordPress peeps out there. Our most recent blog on accessibility. See the WebAIM link at the bottom to check your Website. Don't limit your content to people without disabilities!
Want everyone to be able to see your #WordPress site? Better make it accessible! Check out this great video on things to look for, theme info, and helpful links. Also, check your Website to see how you score!

#webaccessibility #webdesign
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