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Debbie Bee
I've more lives than a cat
I've more lives than a cat

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Thank you +Rob Minnaert for the invite. I look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with fellow members.

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In The Name of Religion. Children who are believed to be witches, are bathed in acid, burned alive, slaughtered, etc. Fear, hatred, distrust, trumps common sense.

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Jason Archer (@BreakObama) tweeted at 9:03 PM on Mon, Apr 15, 2013:
Obama now trying to act like a leader, what about the last 5 years you stupid Nigger?
/Typical behavior from a Religious Conservative right winger. People like this are a big threat to the country. Stupidity + Fear = Racism.

Wasn't Meredith's mother a neurosurgeon? Meredith was suppose to follow in her shoes, then about 2 seasons ago the writers changed that plot point, and made both Meredith & her late mother General Surgeons. Why?

Post has attachment Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore mocks rival Phaedra Parks' fishnet get-up. ... #MailOnline

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These swords are to commemorate the battlefield at Hafrsfjord, Norway. Majestic!

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I never realized lightning could create something like this.

Post has attachment Drunken parties at the seminary, crushes on young 'pups' and a gay mafia accused of bringing down ... #MailOnline

I know this question doesn't belong here, but here goes: What happened to Google Wallet? I live in Canada the option disappeared about a week ago. Thank you.

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Deborah Bee (@BeeQueenbee60) tweeted at 0:17 AM on Fri, Feb 01, 2013:
Graphic pic of botched back alley abortion=death=GOP win.@RCdeWinter MT @doctorjoe56 #GOP #abortion RT @RCdeWinter"

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