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I'm a lady


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holy hell
it's been damn near a year since i posted on here. i feel like i should eat a giant bag of dicks for that. damn. to be fair to myself, we've taken some time off and ya know, life happens. still... a whole damn year! i suck. We are getting back into it. Into...

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Random Pictures Because Why Not?
Available on etsy                                            This cup is available on etsy This one is available on etsy Available on etsy

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Rescue Me - Vintage Western Shirts
Welcome to the first installment of Rescue Me, a page for vintage items that need to be repaired and or upcycled.   My repair/ project to do list has grown so big that I don't even know which thing to start on. So, I thought I would put them up here and for...

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Vintage Label Identification
Has anyone ever seen or heard of this designer?  Filenei? Imported from Italy.

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Grandpa's Jacket
I'll never forget the biggest thrift haul of my life. A whole retirement community, that is located just a few blocks from my house, was having their annual neighborhood yard sale. Of the 50 or so houses in the neighborhood, more than half of them were part...

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Pee Wee's Big Adventure Bike For Sale
This is almost as good as if hover boards were real. Actually, this is better, because it actually seems to be the real deal. Fuck You, Funny or Die! Fuck You, Moby! I fucking trusted you! You played with my emotions. But now, there is a glimmer of hope in ...

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President's Day Sale
In honor of President's Day, I'm offering a discount with my favorite President's name. "Ask not what your..." CUSTOMERS "...can do for you. Ask what you can do for your..." CUSTOMERS. hardy har har

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Funk Show At The Rogue
I decided it might be a good idea to stop being a hermit and go rock a show at The Rogue this weekend. Being a hermit is fun, but so is playing music for a bunch of awesome people. click the pic to be taken to the facebook event page The Rogue Bar website T...

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Cleaning Snapback Hats
I buy and sell a ton of vintage snapback/ trucker hats. I find most of my hats at yard sales. And while the ones I find are usually in great shape, they aren't always very clean. Often times they are hats that have been sitting in a closet or garage somewhe...

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This Old House - Sterling, IL
Even though I live in the desert and am happy that I don't have to drive on ice in the winter, I still long to move somewhere that has all four seasons. Illinois is my first pick since that is where I grew up and where most of my family still lives. There a...
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