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Now age 88, digital artist Lillian Schwartz just joined Twitter... and I'm discovering some of the earliest computer-generated animations and films in the art world (late 60's and 70s) for the first time.

Her life story is also rich.

Lillian Schwartz, resident artist and consultant at Bell Laboratories (New Jersey), 1969-2002. During the 70s and 80s Schwartz developed a catalogue of visionary techniques for the use of the computer system by artists. Her formal explorations in abstract animation involved the marriage of film, ...
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"I have programmed since age 8. I have basically always wanted to be a programmer."

A how-to guide for avoiding embarrassing assumptions.

YEP, there are girls, women who are like that. Let's move on?

#stem   #stemeducation  
(this was originally given as a talk at AlterConf in Oakland)
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Leon Wieseltier (New Republic) on why intellectual leadership matters in a democracy (where a well-informed republic..... ), there's a "historical calling":

"There's a reason these magazines have not show profit, have not prospered.... The Smithsonian Institute has terrible fiscal problems. And if someone were to buy the Smithsonian Institute and decide they could solve all those fiscal problems by turning it into Disneyland, that should not be an acceptable solution."

"You destroy what's valuable about them."

#journalism   #magazines   #democracy  +Charlie Rose 
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Lorri Hopping

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Peter Molyneux. The gift that keeps taking and feeding it back into the media stream and reinventing. If nothing else: fascination.

Uh oh.  I wrote something.  And, I take the seemingly unpopular position of defending Peter Molyneux:

As always, please cross-post comments to the blog, or at least understand that I might do it for you. :)
“Do you think that you're a pathological liar?” Imagine someone coming up to you and saying that. About the only context where I don't think the person is the world's biggest asshole is if this were a good friend giving me some friendly teasing. As the opening to an interview?
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Mont St. Michel during a rare supertide (last one in the 1990s)—island at high tide and exposed mud at low tide. 

Visited there as a college students and am still in awe. A special place.
Part of France's North Atlantic coast and southwestern England braced for their first giant tide of the millennium on Saturday as the alignment of the Sun and Moon created an ocean surge not seen since 1997.
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The final journal, Tokyo, is a wrap! I created these in collaboration with +Andy Campbell, who did all the art design and code, and language teachers in Australia.

The five journals include:
40 interactive pages + five floating “gadgets” of interactive content
22 language games 
27 video sequences
About 1,500 audio clips (mostly spoken words—Japanese or Indonesian)
60+ images
Some 10,000 lines of Javascript and HTML code

#languagelearning   #japanese   #bahasaindonesia   #gbl   #edtech  
+Andy Campbell  #inanimatealice  
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Lorri Hopping

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It's a shooting gallery in space. This #dataviz  tracks all the KNOWN NEO's (near-earth objects) that are whizzing close to earth—today, 12 months ago, and 12 months from now. 

#asteroids   #neos   #science   #space  
A visualization of known and tracked Near Earth Objects, or NEOs, as tracked by NASA's JPL NEO program. Many NEOs aren't discovered until they've nearly passed us in their orbit, which is why one side of this graph is so much more populated than the other. The view in our rear-view mirror is better than the one through our windsheild.
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Lorri Hopping

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The chase for clicks turns leaders into followers. 
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Lorri Hopping

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I really hope this app will work because I want it—to see the world in a micro dimension. Scan objects, materials, biota for their molecular make-up.

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Lorri Hopping

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Comparing writing children's books in UK and in France, this distinction is fascinating to me, as an American author:

"UK people don’t always believe me, but genuinely – French children’s literature is much more radical. Much more racy, much more politically incorrect, much more politically committed, much more uncomfortable.

My French books, for most of them, are unpublishable in the UK, especially my YA books, because they would have to be readjusted for adults. Similarly, younger books can have darker and scarier content. Ambiguity, especially in endings, is accepted much more easily in France.

This is not due to the fact that editors are squeamish in the UK, but rather that they are worried that the book might be boycotted, banned, blacklisted by prescriptors. There’s a constant desire to appeal to the greatest number – and to avoid at all costs upsetting the adult mediators – and this means controlling the ideological content of the books much more."

I wonder how much of this has to do with UK market crossover into English language US market, which is VERY conservative and "clean" and "politically correct" for fear of push-back.
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AND, this piece on the author backlash in France, demanding a fair share of a lucrative business where everyone else makes good money except the people who create the content itself:
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LOTS of wise advice in this succinct report for anyone who's creating immersive, interactive experiences, drawing from film, journalism, game mechanics, and new media innovations. WELL WORTH A READ.

A little surprised at the "must do mobile." Tide has turned? (I still access most of this type of content on desktop, laptop, and maybe a tablet.)

#transmedia   #interactive   #storytelling
This report takes a deep dive into audience numbers and behaviors for a few key immersive media projects, and puts the spotlight on the top practitioners in an emerging craft.
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How's THIS for a #reading  incentive: Three unopened boxes of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) on a classroom shelf, in plain view.

"These are unpublished books, tweens. You could be the FIRST to read them. Wonder what's inside...... "

My sister +Louise Hopping turned those mystery boxes into a new ARC: Advanced Reader CRAZE. Gobble gobble, the books disappeared.

#books   #tweens   #mglit   #middleschool   #education  
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  • Kalamazoo College
    French, English Literature
    Edited Kalamazoo Index (newspaper), lettered in volleyball, created Ann Arbor Dialog (local feature magazine) as a senior project, graduated cum laude.
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Lorraine Jean Hopping, Lorraine Hopping Egan, Lorraine Egan
Game designer, narrative designer, interactive writer (@HoppingFun,, fiction and nonfiction.
That photo above shows a spectacular view outside my creator cave in rural Michigan.

What do I create? Stories and games, fiction and nonfiction, in pretty much every medium. A lot of them:
  • a couple dozen interactive fiction scripts (software products and video games), multimedia scripts, and radio scripts ("Kinetic City Super Crew"—now a website)
  • 50+ authored books (mostly nonfiction for tweens and games/activities for teachers)
  • 3 edited books (The Story of Science, by Joy Hakim)
  • a dozen published board games for the trade market
  • hundreds of educational and casual games (digital and print)
  • articles for magazines and websites—so many that I've lost track.
My philosophy: "Life is a game, and happiness is how to keep score." I am following my bliss.

My credo: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." I aim to be new, different, stretch my creative and intellectual muscles.

As a content creator in the broadest sense possible, I am open to collaborations, partnerships, and quality work on assignment. Again, I just want to make stuff. Really good stuff.

Most of my posts are public, but I also post items of interest to these circles:
  • transmedia and crossmedia and media (isn't that all the same thing?)
  • publishing (my career roots)
  • fiction writers (any medium but I love interactive writing the best)
  • journalists (the stuff that I make... I want it to count)
  • illustrators (including animators, graphic novelists, photographers, multimedia artists—I embrace you)
  • game designers (especially board games, pervasive games, serious games, educational games)
  • science and tech (I'm, at heart, a geek)
Bragging rights
As a cheeky 21-year-old, I single-handedly launched a magazine called Ann Arbor Dialog. It lasted one issue (before I took a job in New York), but I learned a ton and had a blast.
Game designer, writer, narrative designer
Writing, editing, game design, editorial direction, new product development, educational publishing
  • Hopping Fun Creations
    Writer/Editor/Game Designer, present
    My editorial and creative services company has produced books, games, and other jazzy content for Smithsonian, Scholastic, WGBH, Sesame Workshop, Edmark/Riverdeep, Microsoft Education, Penguin, and many other clients.
  • The Bradfield Company
    Narrative Designer, Game Designer, Writer, 2010 - 2015
    I'm proud to be part of the global "Inanimate Alice" creative team, writing, designing interactives, and directing editorial outreach and transmedia strategy for this innovative digital novel series.
  • Aristoplay (game publisher)
    Product Development Director, 1991 - 1996
    I created more than a dozen board and card games from idea to store shelf. Top sellers include Mars 2020 (still in print—a classic!), NOVA True Science (licensed product, with 900 science questions), Top Dog (a bestseller in Finland).
  • Scholastic
    Editor, Author, Scriptwriter, 1982
    I wrote fiction scripts for the software division (Escape from Antcatraz!), edited several magazines (SuperScience, DynaMath, Futures, Teaching and Computers), wrote articles for many more (Dynamite!, Update, Choices) researched and wrote for Scholastic Productions (Magic School Bus), and authored dozens of books.
  • Hall of Fame Sports Books
    Store Owner, VP of Marketing and PR, 1993 - 1997
    With my husband, Chris Egan, we founded a sports books and collectibles store and specialty catalogue business in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.
  • Smithsonian
    Book Editor, Special Projects Editor, 2004 - 2013
    I edited Joy Hakim's acclaimed The Story of Science book series and worked on contract at Smithsonian Enterprises on a startup venture for tweens.
  • WGBH (PBS)
    Contributor to Design Squad (teen engineering challenge), Invent It!, after-school science clubs, NOVA True Science (board game), and other educational materials.
  • Edmark/Riverdeep
    Writer (software scripts)
    Contributor to Strategy Safari, Cosmic Geometry, Light!, Electricity! and other CD-Rom games, along with early digital books on volcanoes, astronaut Mae Jemison, and other topics.
  • Kinetic City Super Crew
    Author of four radio plays, founding editor of a journal for kids, writer of science activities, consultant for this fun science program aimed at children and produced by the AAAS.
  • Microsoft Education
    Writer of Magic School Bus activities and games for the licensed software programs and the animated television show (Scholastic Productions).
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids
    Sports Math Mania! A trade book for kids.
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