CROOKS AND ROBBERS.  Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot, Rach Jarrot, party girl, movies to make, cum sucker to date, good time girl in season. Got to go, have a great day. Lot of love. Toads birth under stars, hooked and pimp out to party and play, found where they were going to stay. Found a barn, to let the goat out. Bitch had a bastard, Jesus Christ was born in a barn.  Fruits and nuts Rachel and lovers, Steven, Charles R.. Sima-Queen of England?  Sheri Jarrot, blonde, bottle, bimbo, whale on land to date. Land whale queer or steer, fucks and suck Steven and Rachel Jarrot, hell hounds, party and play family of freaks, gifts to share, oral talents to shine, family that party together, sings songs around the fires on the beaches of Cali. Friends of yours? Jewish Wide-ass, frogs to kiss for the drugs, sex, and rolls with bitches in heat with fleas. Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. Poker players, cards on the table, faces to read, coins on hand, bets to play, good  times in the dark. Crooks, liars, hackers, snakes and frogs, fish to catch and release time to sail, fish to fry. Fires started in the beginning of time, still burning, flames of hope, pots filled with frying fish. Tales to monkeys, tales of donkeys, packs and herds, tails in the air.  Rach Jay, New Trick, Faces for Rachel Gaylin Jarrot, land whale?
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