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Ryan Schoon
I'm a freelancer writer and game designer but full time gamer and nerd.
I'm a freelancer writer and game designer but full time gamer and nerd.


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So I have a G+ group for Gears of Defiance but I’m really not sure how to help it grow. Any advice on that?

You can find it here:
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Today I talk a little about prototyping on my blog! Specifically about prototyping First Responders, Inc
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Announcing the Gears of Defiance facebook group! I debated for a long time on this, as I wanted to provide a focused place for everyone to talk. However, I've realized that some people stick to one version of social media as opposed to another. So I'll have this G+ group and the Facebook group going.

Feel free to be part of both of them, as I'm sure different discussions will evolve out of each group.

What are some famous Empires you know of in pop-culture and history and how would they be represented in Gears of Defiance?

I'll start with Star Wars, which I think would be a Dictatorship which derives its power from fear and might.

The main ideals of the Empire in Star Wars are racism and religious persecution, among others and they enforce this with foot soldiers, powerful technology, and restricted rights.

How do you reward players for following negative behaviors like selfishness, greed, narcissism?

You get bonus successes when you act upon your chosen trait. By leaving the door open for any traits, that means positive traits such as strength, compassion, bravery, will be just as available as the negative ones like hatred and vengeful.

Either I have to figure out a way to reward that negative behavior without it ruining the game for other players, or I just take out negative traits completely and don't give players the option. Which means that all PCs will be, at heart, good people.

What do you think the solution is?

Here are the roles present in Gears of Defiance so far. Let me know if there are any obvious roles missing!

Aristocrat / Noble
Artist / Writer / Actor
Captain / Pilot
Clergy / Priest / Shaman
Prize Fighter

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Follow the Gears of Defiance Pintrest board to get an idea of the aesthetic and inspirations for the new game!

Gears of Defiance is the new steampunk RPG I am currently developing. It takes influences from a variety of indie games such as Fate Accelerated, Blood & Honor, Gumshoe, and more.

The players take on roles within a close-knit family trying to stay together and survive while living under the oppressive boot of the Empire that rules them. Sometimes, the only way to survive is to change the very nature of the world, and sometimes the only way to change the world is through violence. But be careful you don't succumb to the temptations of power and become just as bad as the Empire you are trying to displace!

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I really want to get people more involved in this community. What would help get you involved?
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