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Happy Birthday, +Deb S!

Is it possible to install custom Roms on the note 3 Verizon variant without safestrap? I would be buying it soon so it would ship with whatever there latest os most likely. Thanks!

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What is a awesome launcher with a beautiful UI? I like avaite its just too limited. I am looking to avoid ones like apex, nova, and action. thanks!:)

Can someone recommend a nice calendar app? I am a sucker for a beautiful interface

Loving the icon pack so far! Have a couple requests if you get the time:
-clash of clans
-safe in cloud
- tapped out(Simpsons)
-wells Fargo

I understand you cant so every icon out there so if I might suggest some icons that ate "universal" that the user can set for example:
-an icon for each letter of the alphabet
-controller (for the emulators)
-a lock (for all secure apps)

Also I would like to say great job at covering so many widely used apps on your beta! Keep up the great work!

OK so last time I asked for a video player and I got a bunch of amazing suggestions so I thought I would ask for a good camera app. I would love one with a beautiful interface! Thanks:)

Can anyone suggest a really good video player? I just need something that can play a lot of different formats and it can't be MX player thank you!

Thanks everyone for helping me out I ended up going with vlc I appreciate all the suggestions:)

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I'm giving away a brand new  #Nexus 5!

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So suppose for a second this is possible. Let's say you create two portals one In the north pole and one in the south pole. Let's say both portals are in the exact center of the earth.. What would happen if you tried to link them? Which way would the link go if it is the same distance to the other portal on both sides of the world?
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