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Just pulled myself off linkedin groups, tired of the spam and invites from sales people I don't know. It's turning into spammedin
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Umberto; I completely stopped using Li 5-months ago… Comcast destroyed Plaxo – Linkedin is Self-destructing due to incompetent management; and moronic staffers. Within 2-years people will be asking LinkedWHAT? Kind of like MySpaceLESS...
I'd actually pay to join a group that was somehow devoid of SPAM. the ones that are spam free, and devoid of "posters" masquerading as sales reps, require a lot of time investment by the moderators.
So many companies are devoid of honest lead generation and nurturing policies. It's nearly impossible to police the forums and groups. Those who try give up more often than they persist because it can become a 2 FTE job at minimum. Have a great day!
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