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50 years after the bombing of Birmingham, an African American is President 
12 years after 9/11, no other major attacks on US soil
5 years after the financial crisis, the economy is on its way to recovery

I am thankful to live in a country that deals with adversity, gets s**t done and moves forward. 
I am happy to be a small part of it.

Tried Google Express for the first time today. Same day delivery to my front door, no delivery fee, total cost $4.12. I think i'm missing something in the business model...

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Wow - Rosetta Stone increases win rate by 12%, ASP +33% by moving from Hoovers/ to InsideView/LinkedIn

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Great conversation with +Adam Sarner.
"Gartner said that business-to-business applications for sales use will have the fastest growth and will account for 30% of social CRM spending by 2015"

Just pulled myself off linkedin groups, tired of the spam and invites from sales people I don't know. It's turning into spammedin

I need to replace my lost iPad. iPad 2 or the new one?

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