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Jason Allred
Doing our best to live life to the fullest!
Doing our best to live life to the fullest!

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This could be really good. 
Fight the infected on PlayStation 4.
The Last of Us Remastered is coming.

Just listened to a heated debate about whether or not Snuffy was real on Sesame Street. "He's only imaginary and it was Big Bird causing all those problems!" "No, he could only be seen by Big Bird but he's real!"

"You're more liberal and I'm more conservative yet we see eye to eye on a lot but this isn't one of those topics!"

Then they make a phone call to the Jim Henson company and the guy referred them to the Sesame Workshop I think.

"I feel like we should be eating cheetos while having this conversation." I completely agree. ;)

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Hahaha. So true. Now if people would only come over to the dark side. 
Top Questions About Google Plus - ANSWERED

What is your number one question about Google Plus? Circles confusing? What's authorship? Why use it? What is that thing you've always wanted to know but ... just didnt know where to look.. .? Post them here.. and then let me answer them for you... :) Or for that friend you are trying to convert to the Plusverse :)

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Love him! I have one of my own!
Anyone up for a challenge: Can you look at this picture for 3 seconds and not smile?
Look at his little face...
#hedgehog   #cutenessoverload

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Just drafted

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How could you not share this? Lol

Watching Shark Week! So fascinating!

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Cool illusion!!!

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Wow, just amazing!
#London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony. Spectacular! 

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Very cool explanation of how to use start out with Google+. I need to do more of this myself!
Starting tips to unlock Google+ hidden treasures

So you heard about Google+. This fantastic new social "something" that gives you access to the world and still allows you to control who sees your posts. You can share your passions with others and spend hours being entertained while expanding your knowledge, horizon and circles.
You sign up. Skip all the tutorials (how difficult can this be?). Skip creating a profile (can do it later). Jump straight into it (that share what's new box looks inviting) with a message to the world "Hello, I'm new here." or "Add me please....".
You wait a minute... nothing....3 minutes... nothing....5 minutes.... this is a ghost town, I'm out of here. Why did this happen?

Did anybody see your message? If you are under 18 your privacy settings say that only people in your circles can contact you or comment in your posts. If you have circled zero people guess how many will be able to reply to you? If you are over 18 only people who are following you (added you to their circles) will see your message in their home page (the main place for reading posts). 

Before posting you need an audience willing to read your posts.

1) Time to fill out that profile if you have not done so. It's pointless to invite people to join/follow you if they don't have an idea who you really are. Remember: First impressions really count. This is what people will see when they first meet you. Pick a photo (get rid of the blue head). Share a little more information than just gender. 
2) Click on circles button (left menu). Then "Find friend" button. That will unlock the "All suggestions" hidden button. Click on it and you will get the choice to search for people you already know. Contacts from your email accounts, classmates (if you added schools), coworkers (if you added workplaces).
3) How do you get strangers to be followers? You have to find them and it won't take 5 minutes.  Where do you find them? Your stream (home page) will be mostly dead or full of "what's hot" messages. 
    a) Try typing one of your interests in the Google+ searchbox (just below the black bar). 
   b) Read the posts shown by the search results. 
   c) +1 the ones you like. Write some meaningful comment longer than 1 word. And add them to the appropriate circle.
Congratulations! All the participants in this post will now be aware that you exist. They will see your name and will get notified that you just +1d or commented. They will be curious about who you are and look at your profile.
   d) hopefully you filled out your profile and some of them decide to add you to their circles.
Warning: Do not mindlessly +1 every post in the hope that people will see you. Believe me they will see you and mark you as someone to be ignored. Your comments should be positive. You are trying to earn friends not enemies.
Note: Some people recommend using the "nearby" feature on mobile devices to find people that are located near you. I do not recommend it until you clearly understand the consequences. It is a little bit like blind dating.

Listen first.

Now that you are following some people your stream will start to fill up with their posts. Continue to +1, comment on their posts to gain visibility and followers. Reshare those posts that deserve a +10. Warning: Do not reshare every post otherwise the value of your reshares will decrease rapidly.
Reading other people posts will allow you to learn what is valued, what is a good post, what is a bad one. How people interact and etiquette in Google+. 
Keep expanding your circles by searching and exploring other things that interest you.

Start posting

By now you should have a small audience. Publish a few posts and see your followers reaction. When they +1, comment or reshare your post, thank them.
Unless your post is for a select group due to its content, just publish public. Circles are mostly used to sort out the reading. People will figure out to which reading circle you belong.
It is true that you could target audiences by using circles, but the fact is that as your circles grow it will become impossible to ask everyone that adds you their own particular interests. Also I might have circled you for your cartoonish posts, but later discover that I am also interested in your French cuisine ones. I might have totally missed the later ones if your sharing is very limited to each group.
Note: Also public posts have unlimited reshare possibilities and ripples. Limited posts have restrictions.

Hope this was not too long to read. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have not talked about the controls that are available (some day I will), notifications, photos, videos, pages, recommending websites or news articles, hangouts, events, local, integration with Gmail, Docs, YouTube, maps and search.

Google+ is really a must have and a window to a new world. Expand your circles and engage!
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